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Notifications for bug updatesUpdate

No more missing out on updates to bugs. Any update or escalation is pushed to your notification immediately and shows up on your feed.Read More

Customize bug icon and nameUpdate

The bug icon and name can be changed as per business requirement.Read More


Set mandatory custom fields in bugsUpdate

You can now customize fields and set them as a mandatory custom field in your bugs section. Try it yourself! Read More


Don't miss out on notificationsNew

Use the Notification Helper to check if you will be notified about bug events

Read More


Save your custom viewNew

It's easy to access your project bug details, from now on. You can filter the bug details and save it to your existing custom view or create a new custom view using the Save and Save As option.

Read More


Follow and Unfollow buttons in Bug Details pageNew

You can choose to follow or unfollow any bug in the Bug Details page.


Launching Webhooks and Email TemplatesBlog

Hook up your bug notifications over the web with our Webhooks and make Email communications a lot more easier with the new customizable Email templates.Read More


Bugs list view enhancementsUpdate

You have been able to edit only the Assignee and the Status fields among the other default fields in Bugs - List view, till date. In order to lessen your navigation time among tabs and to help you edit other fields faster, we have come with an update where you can edit all other default fields in the Bugs - List view itself.



Import bugs from XLS / XLSXNew

You have been importing bugs only from CSV files till date. From now on, have the freedom to import bugs from XLS and XLSX files as well.Read More

Milestones tab is a stand-alone tab, from now onNew

The Milestones tab celebrates its independence this December! The tab, which was placed under Bugs tab in the main menu till date, is now placed separately outside as a stand-alone tab. So, land on your milestones with ease in one go.

Release NotesNew

Release Notes section is introduced for milestones. You can view the list of completed Bugs for the selected milestone in its Release Notes tab.Read More

Favourite view in the Bugs tabNew

How would it be if there is a provision to have a list of favourite bug filters to manage your bugs more efficiently?! Here is the answer ! In the Bugs tab, add any number of custom views to your favourites in one click.You can view all your favourites under the Favourite Views tab that is displayed above your Custom Views.Read More


Quarterly digestBlog

Recapturing our most recent updates. Read More


View CRM detailsNew

You can directly navigate to CRM with the View in CRM link provided in the Client Users tab in Zoho BugTracker.

Issue in mail templateBug-Fix

The issue in rendering of contents in html for mail templates is now resolved.

Global timer widget for bugsNew

You can manage all the active timers for your bugs from a central location, which can be accessed from all the pages in Zoho BugTracker.Read More

Issue in bug commentsBug-Fix

The alignment issue in bug comments is resolved.


Fixed the issue in deleting Custom View bugs Bug-Fix

Fixed the issue in deleting Custom View bugs with the Accessibility Details option selected as "Show this Custom view only to me”.

Edit the criteria patternNew

The Criteria pattern can now be updated directly with Edit pattern in SLA, Business Rules, and Custom View.

Share screenshots in Forums and ChatsNew

The Screen Grabber option to share screenshots is enabled in Forums and Chat.

Announcing Zoho Projects Integration with CrashlyticsBlog

Bugs logged in Crashlytics is now added into Zoho Projects. Read More

Zoho CRM integration details in Zoho BugTrackerNew

You can now view the Zoho CRM integration details such as CRM Account Information and CRM Potential Information along with the Client Information in Zoho BugTracker itself.

Additional options for synchronising and syncing data in Zoho Reports integrationNew

Groups and Clients option is now included in the Data to be Synced field in Zoho BugTracker integration with Zoho Reports. Also, 3 hrs is now provided as one of the options in the SYNCHRONISE field.

Affected Milestone and Release Milestone for bugsNew

You can now associate bugs to Affected Milestone when the bug is detected, and later attach the bug to Release Milestone when it’s resolved and updated.

Separate project for BugTrackerNew

We have now added the project “Explore Zoho BugTracker” in Zoho BugTracker portal creation.

Alphabetically sort the default fields for bugsNew

The Default fields in Bug Settings can now be reordered based on Alphabetical sort too.


Unapprove an already approved timesheet entryUpdate

If you want to unapprove a timesheet entry that is already approved, uncheck the checkbox to update the entry as unapproved.Read More

Hashtag bug comments and statusNew

You can now hashtag bugs and select a bug from the displayed options to post status or comments.

Associate documents to bugs New

Attach a document to the selected bug, from the Attachments tab in the Bug details view.


Screen-grabber enhancementsUpdate

We have scaled up the Screen-grabber UI design, and added the option to crop images. You can crop any selected image based on your need.


Set your Service Level Agreement (SLA)Blog

Service Level Agreement (SLA) in Zoho BugTracker defines what can be expected from the service provider to the customer. Read More

Resolved the bug ID duplication issueBug-Fix

We have fixed the duplication of the same bug IDs for multiple bugs.


Free additions in Premium and Enterprise plansUpdate

Pages and Chat modules are now available for all the projects in the Premium and Enterprise plans. Read More

Reorder bug fieldsUpdate

You can now hide, reorder and save the bug fields to customize the field order to suit your Projects. Read More


Export bugs with history Update

You can now export bugs along with their history, when you click Show export history in Export Bugs.

Screen grabber in Submit Bug form New

Now, you can capture or paste a buggy screen and share quickly with your audience. You can also highlight areas in the screen using the Screen Grabber tool bar. Read More

Fixed the severity order issue in Bugs List viewBug-fix

Bugs List view did not reflect the severity order, as saved in Bug settings, which is now resolved.

More enhancements in SLAUpdate

We have enhanced the SLA feature with the Resolve Before field which will help in escalating the bug, if it is not resolved within the set target time. And you can now filter Bugs and view bug reports based on their escalation levels. Read More

Expand and Collapse Forum MessagesUpdate

You can now expand and collapse forum message that are long.

Hyperlinks for storing favorite links is now moved to ForumUpdate

The Links hyperlink which was originally in Documents, is now moved inside the Forums tab because of the framework changes in the Documents tab.


Fixed the issue in bugs status when emailed Bug-Fix

When a bug is changed to a new status and then emailed, the new status was not reflected in the mail, which is now resolved.

Fixed the time period issue while exporting Bugs Bug-Fix

When the Bugs were exported, the spreadsheet did not display the time of export along with the due date, which is now resolved.

Reorder pick list values Update

You can now reorder your pick list values while adding custom fields for bugs based on your project needs.


It’s now easier to reactivate an archived project Bug-Fix

We have fixed the issues that did not allow users to re-activate an archived project.

Search bugs easily Update

You can now search bugs without any case sensitivity. Just type the bug name or its prefix to view the bugs.

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