Know the User Roles and Access Privileges in BugTracker

Portal Owner is the one who assigns user roles and provide access privileges for other users. The various project roles that can be granted to users are as follows:


The sheet below just shows the existing user roles and privileges in BugTracker. You cannot edit or update this sheet.

User Roles and Access Privileges in Zoho BugTracker

Portal Owner

Portal Owner (Administrator) is the one who has all the privileges of administrator with additional permission to access upgrade/billing process,change portal url and owner.


Administrator is the one who has all privileges in a portal like adding new projects, folders, add/remove users, add/edit/delete bugs, customize and automate bugs for a project.


A Manager has all privileges at the project level like add new projects, customize and assign bugs, organize documents, add/remove users and manage forums.


Employee is a normal user who works for the project with limited privileges like access to documents, submit and fix bugs, upload documents, in a project, post a topic in forums.


Contractor is the one who works in a project for a specified period of time. After the expiry of the contract period the administrator will revoke their access for the project.

Client Users

A company or organization for whom the projects are done. Eg : Florence Capital . A user who has access to see the progress of a project from the client company, Eg : Client users can see bugs filed by them / assigned to them, view documents and actively participate in forum discussions.