Centralized User Management

Administrators can customize the portal, provide secure access and control various activities a group of users can perform on a project. Each role has different access privileges that includes actions like submit, move or assign a bug so as to fit your company's working style.

Company Users

Customize the portal in a matter of minutes to match your corporate style. And quickly assign user roles like admins, managers, clients and contractors to those who are part of the company.

Share Updates with your Team

Are you working on a report that a customer requested? Tell your teammates about it. You can also get a view of the status messages of your fellow project members, so that it's easy to see what everyone is working on.

Client Company

Add a client company and provide access to your working projects. This way your clients can get deep insights into the progress of a project without ever losing the big picture.

Project Users

Create and assign various user roles for your team members. This helps them to stay focused on what is important and keep track of the project progress with ease.

Client Permissions

Provide secure access for the client users or client company to view bugs filed by them. By this, keep your clients well informed and give them a feeling that your project team is productive on job.