Before you begin working with bugs, you must initially set up information's such as portal owner, personal profile, email notifications, ZSC keys and so on.

Personal Preferences

Setup your personal profile information, email notifications and regenerate ZSC keys.
User Profile | Notifications

Portal Configuration

Edit details about your Organization, Portal URL and Owner.
Org Settings | Layouts & Fields | Templates

Project Settings

Configure your project information, customize the tabs, and manage the project Email aliases to access Zoho Projects through your personal Email addresses in the Project Settings section.
Project Settings | Organize Tabs | Email Alias

Zoho Apps Integration

Integrate Zoho BugTracker with the other Zoho services in the Zoho Apps integration section.
Zoho Desk | Zoho Invoice/Books | Zoho People | Zoho Analytics

Other Apps Integration

Integrate Zoho BugTracker with the third-party services like Bitbucket, GitHub, and Crashlytics in the Other Apps integration section.
GitHub | Bitbucket | Crashlytics 

Data Administration

Import data from Jira, check your storage, take backup of your portal and view audit logs.
Import from Jira | Data Administration

Manage Users

Manage portal and client users and set access privileges from this section.
Manage Users | Profiles and Roles

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