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You can add users and clients to your portal and assign them to projects. This makes collaboration easy with Bugtracker. You can have a separate listing for the project users and the clients which help you keep your projects organized. Let's see how to add project users, client users, edit/delete users, add client company, etc. Click  in the upper right corner to access Portal Users.

Project users

Project users work for the projects with access privileges like view the milestones, add/edit tasks, upload files in a project, post a topic in forums. The project user can be the Admin, Manager or Employee. 

Add project users

  1. Select the project in Projects and select Users.
  2. Click Add User in the upper right corner and enter the user details to add the user to your project.

You can view all the users in your project and create new users in a jiffy. An invitation email is sent to the users along with the login credentials. Once the user confirms it, they will be added to the respective project. 

Edit / Delete project users

  1. Select the project in Projects and select Users.
  2. Hover over the user and enable  or 

Client Company Users

You can also add a client company and the respective client user to your projects. For example, Norway Constructions is a client company, then the user who can view the progress of the client company will be the client users (paul@bowman.com will be the client user).

Add a client company

  1. Click  in the upper right corner and select Portal Users from Users
  2. Select Clients Users from the left panel.
  3. Select Add Client Company in the upper right corner. 
  4. Enter the client company details: Client Company Name, Contact Email, Web Address, First Address, Second Address, City, State, Country, and Zipcode.
  5. Click Add to add the client company.

This creates a client company with selected projects.

Edit / Delete a client company

Hover over the required client company in Client Users to enable and . You can either edit the client user details or delete the user

Add a client user

Hover over the client company and select   found right next to the client company. Enter the required details in the Add Client User form. An invite email is sent to the client user's email id along with the login credentials.

Edit / Delete client users

Select  or   right next to the client company.  You can edit or delete the client user for the selected client company if required.

Client Company / Users for a selected project

You can also add client company/users specific to a project instead of selecting users from Portal Users and assigning them to the selected projects. However, you cannot edit a client company or client user within the selected project.

Add client company

  1. Click  in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Portal Users from Users. 
  3. Click Client Users to add a new client user.
  4. Click Add Client Company in the upper right corner. 
  5. Enter the client company details.

You can add a new client company or choose an existing client company.



  • You can also add other existing client companies available in that portal.

Delete client company

Select the required project and click Users. Now, choose the Client Users tab and hover over to the required client company to enable .

Add client user

Click Users in the selected project and select ClientUsers. Hover over the required client company to enable the (+) Add client user option. You can add a new user or an existing client user.

Delete client user

In the selected project, click Users and select Client Users. Hover the mouse over the required client user to enable .

Portal Users

Portal users are part of the organization and they work on projects for the company.

Add users for a company

Click Portal Users


  • Portal Users is visible only to the Portal administrator.

In Portal Users, click Add User in the upper right corner, and enter the user details. You can add a user to multiple projects at a time.

An invite mail is sent to the new user. Upon subscribing the user is added as part of the project. If you are not able to trace the mail, please do mail us at support@zohoprojects.com for further assistance.

Edit / Delete user roles

You can edit the user role or delete the user if required. Hover over the portal user to enable    or  

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