Import bugs into projects

Create Projects for Bugs

You can group multiple projects and view them based on their classification. In Projects, you can view projects based on RECENT PROJECTS, Active Projects (Projects and their groups) and Archived Projects. You can click on any desired project to access its Dashboard, Bugs, Forums, Timesheet, Documents, and Users.

Create a new project

You can create a new project and associate it to a project group. You can associate a project group only if you are the project Manager or if you have Admin rights.

  1. In Projects, click the Plus icon at the top right corner, to create a new project.
  2. In Project Name, specify the project name.
  3. In Choose a Template, choose an existing project template, if required.
    • If you create a project from an existing project template, the Project Start Date option is enabled.
  4. In Project Start Date, select a start date for the project.
  5. In Project Overview, specify a brief summary about the project.
  6. In Owner, select the project owner.
  7. In Group Name, select a project group to associate the project. You can select a project group only if you are the project Manager or the Admin.
    • If required, hover over Group Name, and then click Add New Group to create a new project group. You can create a new group only if you are the Admin.
  8. In Project access, indicate the project access privileges.
  9. Click Add Project, to add a new project.

Edit / Delete a project

You can edit an existing project and change its project detail, if required. In Projects, click Active Projects, and hover the mouse over the required project to enable the edit and delete project option.


Activate / Delete an archived project

You can edit and activate an archived project or delete based on your project requirement. In Projects, click Archived Projects, and hover the mouse over the required project to enable the edit and delete project option. 


Import bugs into projects

You can import files only in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.

  1. In Projects list view, click Import Bugs, at the top right corner.
  2. Click Choose File and select the file to import in to bug tracker.
  3. In Select Project Name, select the desired project to import the bugs.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. In Import Bugs Wizard, in Default Fields tab, map List of fields in bugtracker and Columns in CSV file.
    • A warning message is prompted, if you select the same column value for more than one field.
  6. In Custom Fields, select the desired fields.
  7. In Select date Format, select the desired date format.
  8. Click Continue to confirm the file import.
  9. Click Import to import the file.

You can also import bugs from any of the PREDEFINED VIEW in Bugs.

View project by client

In View by Client, you can view the client projects associated with client groups and other projects associated with the organization. You can add a new project, edit and delete projects in the View by Client view.


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