Project Templates

Project templates simplify project creation. Use templates to create predefined projects. When you create a new project using a template, the project will take its attributes from the template.

Create a template

  1. Navigate to Projects and click Project Templates from the drop down menu on top left corner .
  2. Click New Project Template.
  3. Enter Project Template Name.
  4. Give an overview and click Add Project Template.

Note: If you make an existing project as a template, milestones, users, documents, and bug settings from the project will carry over to the template.

Edit / delete a template

  1. Navigate to Projects and click Project Templates.
  2. Hover over the desired project template.
  3. Click and choose the required option to edit or delete.

Choose a project template

You can now choose and import project template while creating an actual project. While creating a new project select project template. To learn more about creating a new project click here.


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