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Milestones are significant achievements in the project, which help to track the progress of the project. All milestones related to the bugs are displayed in the All Milestone view.

All Milestones

  1. Select the required project.
  2. Click Milestones.

You can view the Upcoming, Overdue, Completed, and Archived milestones.

Add a milestone

  1. Click New Milestone.
  2. Enter the milestone name and other details and then click Add to add a new milestone.

Edit a milestone

Hover the mouse over Upcoming Milestones or Overdue Milestones, click  and then click Edit . You can modify the milestone details and then click Update to save the changes.

Delete a milestone

Hover the mouse over the required milestone, click  and then click Delete. The milestone is deleted along with all its related bugs.

Overdue Milestones

The Overdue Milestones lists important milestones that have slipped past their due date. You can edit, complete, and delete an overdue milestone. Hover over the required overdue milestone, and then click and click Complete. The milestone is moved to Completed Milestones. Click Reorder, and then drag and drop the milestones based on your priority and then click Save Order to reorder and save the new milestone order.

Archived Milestones

The Archived Milestone lists milestones that have been archived for future reference. You can unarchive your milestone. By default, the unarchived milestone is automatically moved under Completed Milestones. You can Delete or Un Archive the milestones.

Completed Milestones

The Completed Milestone lists milestones that are completed in a project. You can Archive, Open and Delete your completed milestones. Hover the mouse over the completed milestone, click  and then click Open to revert the milestone to Upcoming Milestone list. You can also Archive the completed milestone.


Click  to filter milestones based on Owner or Status.

Export PDF

Click  on the top right corner to export milestones as a pdf.

My Milestones

My Milestones section in the dashboard gives an overview of all the milestones in the portal. Click View More to expand My Milestones. Milestones can be grouped by projects or status. You can add, delete, edit or change the status of milestones. Milestones can also be sorted by name, start date, end date, owner and milestone type. Click and choose the parameter to sort the milestones.

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