Portal and Admin Settings in BugTracker

Portal Settings

Portal Settings allow you to edit company profile, change portal owner, configure business hours, set timesheet billing and approvals, and customize fields and groups.

Portal configuration

Click  in the upper right corner and select Company Profile in Portal Settings. You can configure your portal, business hours and holidays, timesheet billing and approval, and also rename the bugs tab.

Edit Profile

Click  found right next to your portal name. You can now make the required changes in Edit Company Details

Date format and business hours settings

You can now set date formats, business hours/days and holiday list for your company, to help you precisely calculate the project deliverables. And, you can accurately calculate the task duration based on the actual number of hours or days.


  • The Business Hours setting option is available in Premium and Enterprise plans.
  • Skip weekends and Configure Holidays settings option is available only in Enterprise plan.
  • If you select hours option in Task Duration in, the task duration is calculated based on the scheduled working hours.

Configure holidays

If you want to configure a holiday and add a new holiday to your already existing holiday list, then you can click Configure Holidays. Now, select the date, give a name for the holiday and click Add Holiday to add a new holiday to your record.


  • To delete an existing holiday, hover over the holiday and then click 
  • You can select weekends or holidays displayed in gray color as start or end dates for tasks in pop-out calendars. This option is available only inEnterprise plan.

Timesheet billing and approval status

Select and setup your default billing and approval status for timesheet. Click Portal Settings, and then select Module Configuration, to configure your timesheet module. Here, you can also configure the time-log period settings. 

Rename bugs tab

You can also rename and choose an icon for your bug right below the timesheet configuration. 

Portal settings

You can change your portal URL. And the new portal name will reflect in your portal URL. No special characters are allowed in portal URL. Click Company Profile in Portal Settings. Now, you can change the URL of your portal as well the owner of the portal. 

Only users with Admin role will be listed in the Select New Portal Owner drop-down. This updates the new portal owner. Portal Owner change is enabled only for paid plans.

Developers space - ZSC Key

ZSC key is used to access Zoho Projects modules in other services. The generated key and email id should be provided to other services. In addition, with the ZSC key, you can import your contacts stored in other Zoho services. Click  and select Developer Space in Integration. You can view the ZSC Key and copy it to use the key while integrating Zoho Projects with other services. 

You need to click Regenerate Key. When you click regenerate the ZSC Key, it will delete the existing key and will regenerate a new one. So after regenerating, you need to provide this new key for your needs.

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