Bug Settings

​Bug settings

Bug Settings allows you to customize how you view and work with bugs. You can set permissions, configure email notifications, set up business rules and much more.

Benefits of Bug Tracking Software

  • Get a complete visibility of unresolved bugs with views filtered by severity, category etc.
  • Give structure to how bugs are handled by defining a cycle based on stages that can be customized.
  • Motivate team members to fix bugs with access to resolutions, history, and comments for each bug.
  • Automate reminding and notifying members in charge of fixing bugs by setting notifications.
  • Improve productivity by exactly knowing which bugs are reproducible, to what level.

Bug Settings can be accessed from the global setup. Click  in the upper-right corner and select the Bug Tracker module. You can also navigate to Projects  >  Bugs  >  (in the upper-right corner) >  Bug Settings.


Configure client permissions and email settings
Client Permission | Email Settings


Customize Zoho BugTracker with custom fields, statuses, workflows, web to bug forms, email templates, and link bugs with each other
Status & Workflow | Web to Bug Form | Link Bugs | Email Templates


Automate routine bug activities. Set up notification for alerts. Create business rules, webhooks, SLAs, and custom functions
Notifications | Business Rules | Webhooks | SLA | Custom Function

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