Keep the conversation going with our collaboration tools.

Collaboration is no longer just a buzzword. With a large organization, no matter if it's dispersed across time zones or working under one roof,  it's hard to keep people working together. Zoho BugTracker solves this challenge with an interactive forum, chat rooms, and a lot more. Get a quick overview of your project with our dashboard, and add an element of fun with Gamescope.

Debate, decide, and deliver with Forums.

Keep everyone on the same page. Start new discussions,  share project updates with your team, comment on their ongoing conversations, and stay on track with your project. Substantiate your comments with attachments, and organize topics in folders.

Debate, decide, and deliver with Forums

Know what's viral and vital with News Feed.

Have a bird's eye view of the latest  updates about your project in your news feed. Get a brief overview of how your project is progressing, and get a visually appealing bug status report in your dashboard. Customize your dashboard by choosing only the elements you want.

Know what's viral and vital with News Feed

Maintain your own wiki with Pages.

Create, share, and discuss project-related content. Build a smart knowledge base by having your own knowledge repository for your projects.

Maintain your own wiki with Pages

Use Chat to interact in real time.

Have one-on-one discussions, invite participants to a closed group chat, or start public chat rooms for your virtual brainstorming sessions.

Use Chat to interact in real time

Collaborate over email.

File bugs, post comments in forums, attach files, upload documents, and more through your project email aliases. You can also configure your personal email server to receive a copy of all notifications from BugTracker.

Collaborate over email