BugTracker - Tips and Tricks

Wanna be a Zoho Projects power user? Hope your skills with these pro tips!

Service Level Agreements New

Define Service Level Agreements for your customers to meet their expectations on time. Trigger escalations for bugs not resolved within a particular time period and specify actions to be carried out.

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Share with Screengrabber New

The Screengrabber tool makes capturing and sharing screenshots much easier. Convey more by highlighting important areas, blacking out the rest, adding text and using the built-in drawing tools.

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HashMention BugsNew

Mention bugs quickly and easily in your status and your comments by using this new HashMention feature. Simply type hashtag and select a bug from the list that is displayed.

Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts could save you a lot of time and Zoho Projects has now designed a list of keyboard shortcuts that you use often. You can use our key combinations to access your modules much faster.

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