Here’s a piece of exciting news! Get your bugs off other bug trackers and into Zoho with the brand new Import Bugs option. We’d work hard to make your migration from other bug tracking services quick and hassle free into Zoho. While this is a great feature, we request you to take care of few things before you start the Import.

Few points to ponder :

  • Only CSV file format supported and must be UTF-8(Unicode) encoded
  • Supported date formats: DD/MMM/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, DD-MM-YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY in CSV file
  • It is recommended that you test the import with a sample test file before your actual import.

Well, log into Zoho BugTracker, go to bug settings and import your bugs right from other bug trackers as a CSV file in quick steps. We’ve also put a user guide to help you get started at Import Bugs.

Bug Settings wears a new look and feel
Peep into the Bugs tab and you’ll spot a refreshing Bug Settings view along with an array of good looking icons. In addition to import bugs, we have also added couple of exciting new features like Fields and Email Settings.

What’s special about Fields ?
Previously we did not allow you to rename the fields like severity, module. But after this update, you can customize it as per your need for example – you can change the “Severity” name to “Priority“. Furthermore, we’ve consolidated the default and custom fields all in one place under Fields view.

Here’s a picture of the refreshing new Bug Settings view with Fields

Custom Fields

Configure mail forwarding with Email Settings
Configure and automatically fetch your emails from your custom domains mydomain/Gmail Mail as bugs in Zoho Bug Tracker with the new Email Settings.

For Example,  if you wish to track your mails from from in BugTracker you must configure your email server to forward a copy of your Bug emails to this forwarding email address in your Gmail.

The syntax followed is <portalname_projectstring>

Your Benefit : Before, only project members can submit bugs in Zoho BugTracker but now any user can file a bug by sending an email to your domain email

Learn more about how to configure mail forwarding in custom domains at Email Settings.

Note: Field Renaming and Bugs Import are available for all the plans. Email settings feature and Custom Fields are available for Enterprise ($599 yearly and $80 monthly) customers of both Zoho Projects and Zoho BugTracker. See Plans and Pricing

If you haven’t tried Zoho BugTracker yet, this is the best time to give it a try and we’re curious to hear your feedback on how the migration of your bugs went about as comments here.

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  1. Mani Vembu

    Greg,I guess you are looking for custom views i.e. saving your filter to easily access in future. In the right side, under filters, there’s a Custom view combo. On mouse over, you can see a Add option. You can use that to create custom views. Once saved, you can browse the custom view from that combo box. We are doing a lot of enhancements to custom views to make it even more powerful ( with different criterial options ).Hope I understood your question correctly.Thanks,

  2. Celina

    Hi Simon,Email Settings feature is available only for Enterprise ($599 and $80) customers. If you are not in Enterprise plan, then you need to upgrade your account to access this under Bug Settings.

  3. Simon

    HiI am not able to see the option in the setting.. can you help me?

  4. Saravanan

    Hi Dawn,You can use one of the fields for the grouping or you can create a custom field for grouping. Assigning colors for different severity in our road map. Once it is done, we will let you know.Thanks,

  5. Greg

    These are welcome changes, but is there a plan to be able to Group the bugs by some of these? It’s very time consuming to constantly apply different filters, then unapply, and try another. To be able to group them by the fields above (and maybe assign a color to each severity) would be a vast improvement!

  6. Celina

    Hi Dawn,Email Settings feature is available only for Enterprise ($599 and $80) customers. If you are not in Enterprise plan, then you need to upgrade your account to access this under Bug Settings.Regards,

  7. Dawn

    I don’t see Email Settings as an option under Bug Settings. Is this still being rolled out to accounts?