Migration From QuickBooks To Zoho Books

Thanks for choosing Zoho Books! This page will give step by step guidance to help you migrate from QuickBooks. It's easy to import your invoices, quotes, payments, bills, expenses, contacts etc., from QuickBooks to Zoho Books. Add multiple currencies, create taxes and tax groups, record and maintain your bank and credit card transactions in Zoho Books easily. You can import your files either in CSV or TSV format. Get started with your migration process right away.

1 Enter Your Organization Details
  • Sign in to your Zoho Books account.
  • You will now be directed to the welcome screen of Zoho Books.
  • Go to the 'Settings' tab.
  • Click Organization Profile under Organization Settings.
  • Please ensure that you select the appropriate time zone.
  • Specify when your company's fiscal year starts in the "Fiscal Year Starts In" drop-down.
  • Please ensure that you enter your organization information appropriately so that it would match with your QuickBooks profile.
Enter Your Organization Details In Zoho Books
Organization profile in Zoho Books
2 Add Currencies

If you transact in more than one currency, then add all the currencies in Zoho Books that you used in QuickBooks. To add new currencies,

  • Go on to the "Settings" tab.
  • Click "Currencies" under the "Currency & Tax" Settings.
  • Click the New Currency button.
  • Select an appropriate currency from the Currency Code drop-down and choose a Currency Symbol.
  • You need to select an appropriate "base currency" when you log into Zoho Books for the first time. Base currency is nothing but the currency of the region in which your business is located. You can add all the currencies that you use for your international transactions.
Add currencies in Zoho Books
Add unlimited currencies in Zoho Books
3 Import Chart Of Accounts
  • First, you need to export the Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks, for that go to Reports.
  • Select Account Listing from "Accountant & Taxes".
  • Now you can view the Chart of Accounts in a report format.
  • Click the "Export" button so as to export the accounts as a CSV.
  • To import the accounts in Zoho Books, go on to the Accountant tab and click the Chart of Accounts sub-link.
  • Click the Import Accounts link on the right hand side.
  • Select an appropriate CSV file and click the Next button.
  • Now map the fields accordingly so as to import your chart of accounts into Zoho Books. Please note, Zoho Books does not support importing "Balance Total" from QuickBooks and hence that field cannot be imported and mapped.
  • Also there will be unmapped fields in your import file such as purchase orders and estimates which would not have been mapped to any Zoho Books field. Hence those fields would be ignored during the import process.
  • Please note while you import your accounts, the value in the fields should match with the data type supported by Zoho Books.
Export accounts from QuickBooks
Export chart of accounts from QuickBooks
And Import Accounts in Zoho Books
Import chart of accounts into Zoho Books
4 Import Contacts

Import Contacts from QuickBooks as CSV. Once you are done, follow the same steps with your Contact Persons too. Please note all your customers & vendors will be listed as 'Contacts' in Zoho Books and your contact persons will be listed as the same under each contact.

  • Go on to the "Customer Center" in QuickBooks.
  • Click on "Export Customer List" from the Excel drop-down.
  • Now that all your contacts would get exported.
  • In Zoho Books, go to the "Contacts" tab and click on Import Contacts on the right hand side. Choose an appropriate file and hit the "Next" button.
  • Ensure that all the fields are mapped accordingly. Click the Import button to move your customer data into Zoho Books.
  • Zoho Books would automatically identify contacts as "Customers" when invoices or quotes are sent and as "Vendors" when bills are received from contacts.
Export Customers From QuickBooks
Export customer contacts from QuickBooks
And Import Contacts in Zoho Books
Import contacts into Zoho Books


5 Import Items
  • To export your item list as a CSV file from QuickBooks, go on to the "Lists" menu bar and click "Item List".
  • Now to import items into Zoho Books, click on the Money In tab and select "Items" sub-link.
  • Now, click the Import Items button on the right hand side. (You can also download the sample file to check whether the file that you exported from QuickBooks would be compatible with Zoho Books format.)
  • Choose an appropriate CSV file in the "Select File" field. In the file format drop-down choose the file to be "CSV" and click the "Next" button.
  • Map the field names that you would like to see in Zoho Books. From the "Your Data" drop-down choose appropriate entities to match the "Zoho Books Field".
  • Please note, the sales tax item and the sales tax group that you used in QuickBooks would also get exported along with items. You need to import sales taxes/sales tax group in a different CSV file into Zoho Books.
Export Items From QuickBooks
Export item lists from QuickBooks
And Import Items in Zoho Books
Import items into Zoho Books



6 Import Estimates & Invoices

To import the estimates from QuickBooks, click on the Customer Center and click on the Transactions sub-link. Click on estimates and hit the Export link.

  • Now to import estimates in Zoho Books, go on to the Money In tab.
  • Click on Estimates sub-link and click Import Estimates from the right hand side.
  • Ensure that the fields are properly mapped so as to import your estimates into Zoho Books easily.
  • Follow on the same steps as mentioned above to import your invoices as well. Make sure that you include a 'Deposit to' column to your invoice import file before you begin your import.
  • Now to see all your invoices in their appropriate statuses in Zoho Books as of that in QuickBooks, you need to import your "Payments". In QuickBooks, go on to Customer Center and click on Transactions link. Now click "Received payments" link and hit Export.
  • To import Payments into Zoho Books, go to the Money In tab and click on "Payments Received" link. Click Import Payments to start importing your payments into Zoho Books.
  • To the 'Deposit To' column add the name of an existing cash or bank account in ZohoBooks.
Export Estimates From QuickBooks
Export estimates from QuickBooks
And Import Estimates Into Zoho Books
Import estimates into Zoho Books
7 Import Bills

Now, bills are to be exported from QuickBooks. For that go to the Vendor Center and click on "Transactions" link.

  • Go on to the Bills section and click "Export". Please note you also need to export your Bill Payments along with your bills so that the bills can be imported in their appropriate statuses in Zoho Books.
  • Now in Zoho Books, go to Money Out tab and click the "Bills" sub-link.
  • Click the Import Bills link on the right hand side. You can export your bills and bill payments as CSV. Please ensure that you maintain the same statuses of your bills during the migration.
  • To import your Bill Payments into Zoho Books, go to the "Money Out" tab and click on "Payments Made". Now hit the "Import Payments" on the right side of the page.
Export Bills From QuickBooks
Export bills from QuickBooks
And Import Bills in Zoho Books
Import bills into Zoho Books
8 Enter Opening Balances

Now you have to enter the opening balances in Zoho Books. For that, as on the migration date view your trial balance report in QuickBooks and enter opening balances for your accounts in Zoho Books. Please note you may have to make adjustments in your opening balances accordingly if you have already imported your invoices, bills, expenses, payments etc., into Zoho Books so that you could ensure all your accounts would be balanced.

To enter the opening balance in Zoho Books,

  • Go on to the "Settings" tab.
  • Click "Opening Balances" under "Organization Settings" link.
  • Select an opening balance date. Please note you need to run the trial balance report in QuickBooks on the date of migration to Zoho Books. To view the trial balance report in QuickBooks, go to "Reports" and select Trial Balance under "Accountant & Taxes".
  • Enter appropriate figures for your accounts under the debit and credit fields.
  • Technically debits and credits have to match and there should be "zero balance". If there are differences between debits and credits, it will be held in the "Opening Balance Adjustments" account.
  • Click the Continue button.
  • Once again, you need to click the "Confirm" button so as to finish the opening balance set up process.
View Trial Balances in QuickBooks
View the trial balance from QuickBooks
And Enter Opening Balances in Zoho Books
Enter opening balances in Zoho Books
Points to remember during migration

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