What is Making Tax Digital?

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HMRC is transforming the United Kingdom’s tax system by introducing Making Tax Digital (MTD), which requires businesses to keep digital records of their accounts. It’s time to modernise the tax experience for UK taxpayers.

Making tax digital timeline

A word from Zoho Books

While MTD requires businesses to adapt to new methods and technologies, a robust accounting tool like Zoho Books, with its easy-to-use interface, can make this transition effortless. Maintain your financial records digitally, file VAT returns directly to HMRC, reconcile your bank statements, oversee projects, eliminate compliance worries, and more. With Zoho Books at hand, your growing business can get all the accounting capabilities it needs.

To make the transition into MTD smoother for small businesses, we are offering 50% off on top of your annual discount for the first 12 months of any Zoho Books’ paid plans. Sign up and the avail the offer right away.

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