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Migration From QuickBooks To Zoho Books

Thanks for choosing Zoho Books! This page will give step by step guidance to help you migrate from QuickBooks. It’s easy to import your invoices, quotes, payments, bills, expenses, contacts etc., from QuickBooks to Zoho Books. Add multiple currencies, create taxes and tax groups, record and maintain your bank and credit card transactions in Zoho Books easily. You can import your files either in CSV or TSV format. Get started with your migration process right away.

Enter Your Organization Details

Organization Profile


If you transact in more than one currency, then add all the currencies in Zoho Books that you used in QuickBooks. To add new currencies,

Add currencies in Zoho Books

Add Currencies in Zoho Books

Import Chart of Accounts

Export accounts from QuickBooks

Export accounts from QuickBooks

And Import Accounts in Zoho Books

Import accounts

Import Contacts

Export Contacts from QuickBooks as CSV. Once you are done, follow the same steps with your Contact Persons too. Please note all your customers & vendors will be listed as ‘Contacts’ in Zoho Books and you can use the filter to get to the desired contacts.

Export Customers From QuickBooks

Export Customers

And Import Contacts in Zoho Books

Import Contacts in Zoho Books

Import Items

Export Items From QuickBooks

Export Items

And Import Items in Zoho Books

Import Items in Zoho Books

Import Estimates & Invoices

To export the estimates from QuickBooks, click on the Customer Center and click on the Transactions sub-link. Click on estimates and hit the Export link.

Export Estimates From QuickBooks

Export Estimates

And Import Estimates Into Zoho Books

Import Estimates into Zoho Books

And Import Invoice Into Zoho Books

Import Invoice into Zoho Books

Import Bills

Now, bills are to be exported from QuickBooks. To export go to the Vendor Center and click on Transactions link.

Export Bills From QuickBooks

Export Bills

And Import Bills in Zoho Books

Import Bills into Zoho Books

Enter Opening Balances

Now you have to enter the opening balances in Zoho Books. For that, as on the migration date view your trial balance report in QuickBooks and enter opening balances for your accounts in Zoho Books. Please note you may have to make adjustments in your opening balances accordingly if you have already imported your invoices, bills, expenses, payments etc., into Zoho Books so that you could ensure all your accounts are balanced. To enter the opening balance in Zoho Books,

View Trial Balances in QuickBooks

Trial Balance in QuickBooks

And Enter Opening Balances in Zoho Books

Opening Balance in Zoho Books

Points to remember during migration

  • We don’t directly support importing your journals, deposits, fund transfers etc., from QuickBooks. But you can enter or update the entries in Zoho Books accordingly so that all your accounts match.

  • Please ensure that you map the fields properly and also get rid of unnecessary commas, blank columns etc.,

  • If you have imported all your invoices or bills from QuickBooks, ensure that appropriate statuses are maintained even after the migration. In our system, “open” status means either fully paid or partially paid.

  • Please note while you import your files into Zoho Books, the value in the field should match with the data type supported by Zoho Books. There will be unmapped fields in your import file that would not have been mapped to any Zoho Books field. Hence, if you want these fields to be imported, the column header(s) should be mapped properly.

  • If you need further support regarding entering any of your business transactions in Zoho Books, please contact us anytime, our support folks will touch base with you soon.