Price Lists in Zoho Books

A price list is a list of customized prices that you can map to a particular item when creating an invoice, estimate, sales order, credit notes or recurring invoice. A price list allows you to customize the standard rate and offer your products or services at a higher or lower rate for any specific customer whenever needed.

Managing Price Lists

Managing Price Lists

Create and manage customized price list for your items and associate it to individual customers or to the Invoices, Estimates, Sales Order or Credit Notes you create for them.

Why use a Price List?

A price list lets you have a set of predefined prices for specific customers while the rest of them would be charged at the normal rate. You can simply assign a price list to your first ever customer, for example, and offer to mark the prices of items down by 10% to show your gratitude. Similarly, you could also create a price list for your overseas customers, and charge your items in their local currency.

Some examples of when a price list can be used:

Enabling Price Lists

Enable Price List

Creating a New Price List

Follow these steps to create a new price list for your business:

New Price list

Markup or Markdown the Item Rates by a Percentage

Price list - markup

Price List - Markup or Markdown

Price List - Round off

Enter the Rate Individually for Each Item

Price List - New Rate

Price List - Currency dropdown

Associating a Price List

Associate a price list to a contact or an Invoice.

Associating a Price List to a Contact

You can associate a price list with specific items or markups to contacts by following the steps mentioned below:

Choose Price List in contacts

Now, when you create an Invoice for this contact, the price list will automatically appear on the Invoice.

Associating a Price list to an Invoice

To associate a Price list directly to an Invoice,

Choose Price List in Invoice

Importing & Exporting Price Lists

You can now import price lists into your Zoho Books account from a CSV(Comma-Separated Values) or TSV(Tab-Separated Values) File and export price lists created from your Zoho Books account as a CSV or XLS file.

Importing Price Lists

Price List - Import

Import Price list - Select file

Import Price list - Select encoding type

Exporting Price Lists

Export Price list

Export Price list - Save as CSV

Export Price list - Save as XLS

Other Actions

You can also mark your price lists as Active, Inactive, Edit and Delete your price lists.

Price list - other actions

Price list - Mark as active

Price list - Delete

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