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Cash Flow Statement

Track your cash inflow and outflow

Measures your company' cash position and financial health for a given accounting period. Devise plans for your company depending on the cash availability for future budgeting. Maintain a positive cash flow for your business and always feel confident!

Cash flow statement in Zoho Books
Monitor your cash flow using Zoho Books and make quick business decisions
Cash Flow Statement in Zoho Books:

For your business, cash flow statement would be the most important statement to take any major decision and by monitoring the cash flow periodically, you can stay ahead with all your future business plans. With Zoho Books cash flow statement you can easily verify the impact of your cash balance from three major activities - operating, investing and financing that drives your business.

Cash flow from operating activities

It represents the cash incoming and outgoing for day to day business operations. The net cash flow resulting from operations correspond to cash made from the sale of your products and services. With Zoho Books, it's simple to record a bill or create an expense account for employee wages. Your cash position will not get affected until you settle that liability.

Cash flow from investing activities

Gives an indication of cash levels resulting from investing activities. When you use cash to buy new furniture or equipment for your business, it would be a 'cash out' item. On the other hand, if the assets are sold, it becomes a 'cash in' item. Create a building account when you purchase a building and record it under your fixed assets.

Cash flow from financing activitiess

Any capital that is brought in or given out for your business. 'Cash in' is when you raise capital for your business and 'cash out' when any of your debt is repaid. It's easy to create an expense account for your rent, salary payable or if you fulfill any other debt obligation. Use Zoho books and start tracking the money that is financing your business!

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