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Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an easy-to-use, online accounting software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow. Visit:zoho.com/books

Reconciliation gets easy as Stripe goes ‘Intrinsic’ with Zoho Books

The last few years, we have been on an integration spree; we’ve integrated with Stripe, Paypal, BrainTree and others in the past. Integrating payment gateways...

Zoho Books 2 min read

When Uncle Sam Pays You Back: Tax Refund Statistics for 2015

For some of you, your tax season headache is over for 2014. For those who have received a refund or are ​expecting one, Uncle Sam...

Zoho Books 1 min read

Perils of Filing Your Taxes Online and How to Avoid Them

Tax season is here! As if gathering all the documents and filling out tax forms isn’t enough to give you a headache, you’ll also need...

Zoho Books 2 min read

5 Ways to Deal with Your Small Business Debt

Do you spend sleepless nights worrying about your business debt? If you do, then you’re not alone. Recently, Gallup, a research-based global performance management consulting...

Zoho Books 4 min read

3 Ways “User Roles” can save you a lot of trouble

When Roger had his living room remodeled, he handed the key to his house to the crew after locking all other rooms because he didn’t want...

Zoho Books 2 min read

Ride on Cupid’s popularity to give your business a boost

When it comes to the annual gift ​splurge, Valentine’s Day is just shy of Christmas. And technically it’s not even a ​holiday! According to the...

Zoho Books 2 min read

Zoho Books says Hello to the UK

When we say Zoho Books is truly built for UK businesses, we aren’t kiddin’, mate! We’re not talking mere language here. We know you favour your ’S’...

Zoho Books 3 min read

Go Paperless with Zoho Books and Entryless

Sifting through hundreds of emails in your inbox to find due bills is downright painful. More tedious is to have to manually type all that bill information...

Zoho Books 1 min read

Zoho Books now supports Square Register

Ever since Square replaced the clunky traditional POS with its simple and sophisticated app,small businesses have been able to sell and monitor their sales, from anywhere. Square...

Zoho Books 1 min read

Zoho Books integrates with Avalara: Automates sales tax calculation!

Why is calculating the right sales tax crucial? First, you may be subject to penalties for collecting and reporting incorrect sales tax. Secondly, inaccurate financials makes...

Zoho Books 2 min read