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Accounting is not just about data entry. It's much more. With Bank feeds and Bank Rules on board, you get to eliminate data entry and have complete, updated information of your bank and credit card accounts. So say bye to manual labour!

Automatic Bank Feeds

Setting up Bank Feeds

Set up your bank and credit card accounts just once and have daily feeds fetched into Zoho Books. If you were to change your banking credentials, no problem! Just update the credentials link in Zoho Books and you are set to go once again.

Imported data and next steps

Against the imported bank data, you can choose to match any existing transaction in Zoho Books or include them as new transactions using the 'add and match' button.

Add a transaction without typing? Really??

Yes absolutely. The 'add and match' button will pull in all the transaction details including the description, date of transaction, any reference etc.,. All you do is click 'save and match'.

I still need to categorize transactions?

With Bank rules, even that is taken care of. Bank rules are conditions set by you to be run on imported transactions so transactions are categorized the way you want in Zoho Books.

What's the price?

There's no extra charge for using automatic bank feeds for your bank and credit card accounts. It's absolutely free! You can sign up and start using the automatic bank feeds right away.

Benefits of Automatic Bank Feeds

  1. Eliminates data entry by automatically fetching all transactions to Zoho Books
  2. Set up bank feeds for multiple bank and credit card accounts
  3. Increased speed and accuracy of data entered.‚Äč
  4. Updated transactions in Zoho Books gives a complete picture of cashflow
  5. Business decisions and financial reports need not have to wait till month end.
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Bank Feeds

Explore Bank Feeds

Check out the possibilities with Bank Feeds. Fill your mind with real accounting possibilities not tedious typing thoughts. Link as many bank and credit card accounts. Read More about Bank Feeds

Bank Rules

Understand Bank Rules

Create and maintain all your checking, savings and money market accounts with Zoho Books. Just specify the account name, account number etc., and get started immediately. Read more about Bank Rules

Import Transactions as CSV or TSV

Import transactions as CSV

If your bank account does not support bank feed, you can import your bank and credit card statements in quick and easy steps. Import transactions into Zoho Books and enjoy faster reconciliations.


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Customer Testimonial

"I have been using Zoho Books for just under an hour now and I already love it! It has a very simple and easy to use interface which takes the headaches out of accounting but is still able to provide me "

- Xavier Hutchinson,
Owner at Xavier Intractive

Get Automatic Bank Feeds
And eliminate data entry completely.

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