Host podcasts from home

Host podcasts from home

It's a great time to work remotely—technology lets you chat with guests without leaving your safe space. Our free Zoho Meeting integration for Bookings offers excellent audio and video quality, as well as recording functionality, so you can deliver exceptional podcasts without compromising.

Keep your calendars synced

Keep your calendars synced

Connect your work and personal calendars with Zoho Bookings. Whenever you have a commitment elsewhere, we'll make sure to block that time off your booking page so you don't accidentally double book.

Everything you need to successfully coordinate interviews


Time zones

Interview international guests confidently, knowing that your booking page automatically alters time slots to their time zone. Email notifications also include appointment details in your respective time zones to reduce confusion.


Calendar dashboard

Access upcoming appointments on your calendar dashboard. Events from your Google and other Zoho calendars will be synced as well so you don’t have to verify your schedule every time.


Interview summaries

Look back at old interviews, referring to dates and notes you made during the discussion. Zoho Bookings maintains a printable record of every appointment.


Cancellations and rescheduling

Set up flexible policies for guests to alter interview dates and times. You can allocate specific due dates so that in case of unexpected delays, you’re prepared to bring in an alternative guest.


Email and text alerts

Ensure your guests don’t forget to turn up for interviews. Configure up to three custom email and SMS notifications at specific intervals to give them a gentle reminder.


Buffer times

Avoid back-to-back appointments by allocating a buffer between interviews. Whether it’s 15, 30, or 45 minutes, you can catch a break even on a busy day.


Flexible duration

Allow your guests to choose how long they want to be interviewed for. Not everyone can commit to an hour-long discussion, but they could still agree to two 20-minute sessions.


Custom time slots

Work only when you can. For instance, if you’re taking a long weekend starting Thursday or Friday, you can uncheck those days so they don’t even show up on your booking page.


Custom fields

Know your guests better. Aside from the default name and contact details, you can also ask for question suggestions, links and references, and more during the scheduling process.


Branded booking page

Customize your booking page to include your logo and social media profiles and to reflect your brand’s tone and messaging. You can even embed it on your website or launch it on your custom domain name.


Online courses

Compile your podcast lessons as a course and offer it online for people to register. You can manage your course alongside the interview scheduling process.

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