Personalized doctor appointment software

A good appointment scheduling app is indispensable for healthcare workers. With Zoho Bookings, you can eliminate phone calls for appointment confirmations and completely automate your booking process.

Personalized doctor appointment software
Personalized doctor appointment software

Online appointment scheduling for doctors

Online self-scheduling

We’ll give you a complete booking page that you can customize and embed into your website. Add your logo, messages, and custom prices so your patients can identify you and schedule appointments at any time.

Reduce no-shows

Configure notifications for patients and visiting physicians so they know exactly when to show up. Remind them via emails or text messages a day or an hour before the appointment.

Centralized appointment dashboard

Access all your booked appointments from a central calendar dashboard, view your past and upcoming visits, and stay ahead of your schedule. You can also sync your calendar apps (like Google and Outlook) and update your calendar with all your appointments.

Online appointment scheduling for doctors

Patient scheduling software that's easy to set up

Multi-location support

Managing multiple clinics in various places? Add them all to your Zoho Bookings account. Categorize different services, assign doctors, and set prices; then, share or embed pages for each location. You can view and maintain patient details, schedules, payments, and more across locations.

Virtual consultations

Do you meet with patients online? Zoho Bookings integrates with online video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, and Zoho Meeting to automatically provide meeting links via email as soon as a consultation is booked.

Comprehensive analysis

Create thorough reports of your patient appointments and see which location gets more traffic, which service is most requested, the workload of your physicians, and much more. Track and analyze the numbers so you can make well-informed decisions and remove any guesswork.

Billing management

Display your prices on your booking page. You can charge patients when they schedule or collect payment at the time of appointment. Either way, we’ll keep track of your payments and update their status.

Registration portal

Have recurring patients sign up for a portal on your website. They can update their preferences, view upcoming appointments, and even schedule new ones. All of their details will be accessible to you both on the web and on our mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

Clinical notes

Get to know your patients even before you meet them through a booking form. Include a "Notes" option on your booking page so patients can explain the reason for their visit. You can even use the appointment summary to record any observations you want to refer to later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I manage my clinic with Zoho Bookings?

Zoho Bookings is appointment scheduling software that will help you manage your clinic’s consultations. You can collect appointments, patient details, and medical information for appointments through a booking page. You can assign doctors to other consultations and automate manual tasks like confirmations and reminders.

2. Can I collect payments when a consultation is booked?

Yes, Zoho Bookings integrates with third-party payment providers, and you can integrate with any one of them to collect either a partial or complete payment before the appointment.

3. Is Zoho Bookings HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Zoho Bookings is HIPAA compliant and offers encryption for ePHI/PII you collect from patients.

4. How do I get started with Zoho Bookings?

Zoho Bookings offers a 15-day free trial so you can access all of Zoho Bookings' premium features. Sign up for free!