Book Appointment


​To book an appointment for a customer for a desired service.

Request URL


Parameter NameDescription
AuthorizationZoho-oauthtoken {{accesstoken}}

Note: The access token can be generated from the developer console.

Request Method



Parameters to be passed in the request body as form-data along with the request URL are,

Parameter NameDescription
service_id *The unique id of the service for which the appointment is booked.



(For collective booking, group_id is mandatory)

staff_id: The unique id of the staff associated with the service.
resource_id: The unique id of the resource associated with the service.
group_id: The unique id of the staff group associated with the collective booking service.
from_time *

The starting time from which the appointment needs to be booked. (24-hour time format)

format: dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm:ss (e.g. 30-Apr-2019 22:00:00)



The timezone under which the appointment needs to be booked.
customer_details *

The details of the customer which needs to be recorded for booking the appointment. They are the customer's name, email address and contact number. They must be represented as a JSON like below.

e.g. {"name":"John", "email":"", "phone_number":"9876543201"}



Additional details of the customer to be captured through custom fields can be recorded while booking the appointment. Assume the 6 fields for the different types of custom fields - Participant2 (Single Line); Description (Multi Line); Email (Email); Interests (Checkbox); Gender (Radio button); Location (Drop down); and DOB (Date).

These fields are represented as key-value pairs. They must be represented as a JSON like below. 

e.g. {"Participant2":"Peter", "Email":"", "Description":"I am a guest user", "Location":"Adelaide", "Gender":"Male", "DOB":"30-Jul-1997", "Interests":["Football","Tennis"]}

Note: fields marked * are mandatory.


​Response Type



API Limits

Zoho Bookings Plan/EditionNumber of API calls/day
Free250/per user
Basic1000/per user
Premium3000/per user
Zoho One3000/per user
Note: The API limits are excluding the authorization requests. API counts are calculated between 00:00 and 23:59 hours in the respective time zones.

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Sample Request

Copiedcurl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.7b3610d1XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX087cc3.6282226f615637c467bee7209ce1c0a1' \
--form 'service_id= 3848021000000027083' \
--form 'staff_id= 3848021000000027052' \
--form 'resource_id= 3848021000000060038' \
--form 'from_time= 2019-05-28 13:00:00 ' \
--form 'timezone= Asia/Calcutta' \
--form 'customer_details={"name": "John", "email":"", "phone_number":"9876543201"}'
--form 'additional_fields={"Participant2":"Peter", "Email":"", "Description":"I am a guest user", "Location":"Adelaide", "Gender":"Male", "DOB":"30-Jul-1997", "Interests":["Football","Tennis"]}'

Sample Response

  "response": {
    "returnvalue": {
      "staff_name": "Staff 1",
      "customer_more_info": {"Participant2":"Peter",
        "Description":"I am a guest user",
      "customer_booking_start_time":"2019-05-28 13:00:00",
      "booked_on":"2019-05-28 10:47:03",
      "duration":"30 mins",
      "start_time":"28-May-2019 13:00:00",
    "logMessage": [],
    "status": "success"

A Collective booking response will also include the following parameters:

"co_hosts": [
                    "staff_name": "Ryan",
                    "staff_contact_number": "9222222222",
                    "staff_email": ""
                    "staff_name": "Ashton",
                    "staff_contact_number": "9111111111",
                    "staff_email": ""