What you do

  • Create a group.
  • Create a Collective Booking service.
  • Assign the respective group to the service.
  • Choose whether it will be an online or offline meeting.
  • Select the preferred meeting tool.
  • Share the booking link with the attendee.

What your invitees do

  • Select the Collective Booking option.
  • Choose the preferred group.
  • Select the date and time from the listed slots.
  • Fill in the booking form.
  • Finalize the appointment.
  • Receive the meeting link via email to join.

Event is added to each attendee’s calendar.Send automated email notifications to the panelists and invitees.

Business use cases for Collective Booking


Makes panel interviews productive

Panel interviews involve coordinating the schedules of multiple people. Collective Booking eases that process so you can easily meet with candidates as a team.

Using a shared booking link, candidates can check when the panel is available and choose a convenient time for their interview without any back-and-forth communication. Plus, the booking system triggers multiple reminders to both candidates and panel members, making sure everyone attends the interview.


Candidates self-schedule with panelists

Automated interview reminders and communication

Ability to share booking links anywhere

Enhanced interview and candidate experience


Facilitates collaboration between sales and product team

While sales representatives excel at seizing opportunities, presenting the sales pitch, and addressing concerns, many customers want to see the product in action. This can lead to the need for an additional meeting with the product team, causing delays in the sales process.

By using the Collective Booking feature, you can allow customers to meet with both the sales and product teams simultaneously. This helps customers make purchase decisions more swiftly. Plus, this approach assists sales teams in converting leads faster than expected.


Fewer meetings per sales cycle

Faster sales process, leading to better deal closures

Lower cost per meeting

Higher customer satisfaction, lower churn


Eases customer onboarding with multiple trainers

It may be challenging for just one trainer to deliver a comprehensive onboarding experience. With the Collective Booking feature, a panel of expert trainers can offer a complete and seamless training session.


Boosted customer competency in product deployment

High level of customer satisfaction

Reduced churn through top-tier onboarding experience

Increased customer referrals


Delivers unparalleled customer support

At times, customers have complex questions that can only be answered with input from multiple team members. For instance, for a ticket that involves both billing and technical issues, a customer would need assistance from an account and engineering team member.

Here, you can use the Collective Booking feature to easily allow customers to book a meeting with multiple team members instead of coordinating with them individually.


Quick resolution for complex support tickets

Streamlined ticket traffic and collaborative troubleshooting

Fewer ticket escalations

Improved overall and upsell revenue

Good support experience for happier customers

Enhance team collaboration

The impact of the Collective Booking feature extends far beyond mere scheduling. It empowers teams to make their work more efficient while elevating user experiences. Try this feature to easily schedule as a team, and achieve more collaborative and productive meetings.

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See Collective Booking in action