Set up your schedule with ease. Get booked when you want to.


Sync your calendars

Zoho Bookings integrates with Google, O365, and Zoho Calendars. Get booked only for slots that are available. Automatically mark slots as unavailable when they're booked.


Set up buffer times

Add buffer times to your schedule to allow yourself preparatory time before and after each appointment.


Avoid surprise bookings

Receive appointments within a set scheduling window of your choice. No more last-minute appointments that leave you underprepared, or bookings for six months from now that may need to be rescheduled.


Plan work and break times

Define your work hours and break times. Prevent people from booking you outside of office hours or during your breaks.


Time-off and special hours

Mark time off for vacations or for a day off. Working an extra day or covering for a colleague? Add special working hours.


No more last-minute cancellations

Set allowed time limits for cancellation and rescheduling. Opt for a deposit or partial payment to discourage cancellations.

Teamwork made more efficient

Manage team members

Team members will get dedicated log-ins and calendar views. Sync their calendars with the Zoho Bookings calendar to block time for appointments.



Map your departments or locations to separate workspaces in Bookings. Each workspace can have its booking page, displaying its services and team members.


Roles and designations

Map your team members' roles and designations in Bookings. Add information about their specialities and skills. Customers can see your team's strengths and book with the provider of their choice.


Charge a premium

Hire a team member known for their special skills or experience? Add a premium to that member's service charge.


Work with your CRM

Link to Zoho CRM or any other CRM. Bookings will add new clients to your system and update the details of the returning ones.


Booking form

Ask customers more questions with custom fields, so you can prepare more effectively. You can also automatically pre-fill the registration form with user-related values (like name or email) by adding parameters to booking page URLs.


Mobile apps

Check your team's schedule and appointments from our iOS and Android apps. Team members can also log in to see their schedule.


Push notifications

Get push notifications in the mobile and web apps when new appointments are booked. Always be on top of your schedule and appointments.

Bookings - Favorite apps

Set up meetings that suit your needs


Meet one-on-one or in a group

Conduct sales calls, interviews, and consultations. Set up recurring group appointments for classes. Use one of the many online meeting tools we integrate with to streamline your workload.


Paid and free

Collect payment in full, part, or as a deposit before appointments. Take payments via popular gateways, like PayPal, Stripe, and more.


Online or offline

Bookings is integrated with popular online meeting tools, like Zoho Meeting, Zoom, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting. Ask for a meeting location from the customer on the booking form.


Keep a tab on appointments with reports


Calendar dashboard

See your team's appointments on a calendar. Switch between day, week, and month views. Add new appointments directly to the calendar and edit existing appointments if needed.


Customer reports

Sort, filter, and search your customer database to look for trends in bookings, dips in revenue, and your most valuable customers.


List reports

A dashboard of appointments booked and revenue generated. Apply filters like customer name, number of appointments booked, status, and service.


Revenue by service and staff

Find the service that generates you the most revenue. Evaluate if your premium staff is generating you the highest revenue.


Appointments by staff and service

See your most popular staff members and services at a glance. Filter the report by week or month to spot upcoming stars in your team.


Appointments by status and type

Check your appointments by status: confirmed, completed, no-show, cancelled, or rescheduled. Set targets for your team to reduce no-shows and cancellations while improving revenue.

Bookings - Appointments with reports

Make the booking page look and feel like you


Brand your booking page

Set a title and a background image for your booking page. Add your own page content that appeals to your customers. Include your contact details on the footer.


Use your brand colors

Select a color scheme for your booking page and its elements that matches your brand. Choose a theme that your customers will find appealing and convenient.


Embed on your website

Have a website? Embed the booking page in that. Use brand elements and color palettes that match with your website.


Host on your domain

Map the booking page to your domain and transfer domain authority to your booking page as well. Give your booking page an SEO boost.

Bookings page
Bookings page

Deliver the best scheduling experience to your customers


Three types of booking pages

Collect bookings for a team, a team member, or a specific meeting or service. Use one of the three booking pages: workspace, service, or team members.


Workspace/team booking page

Let customers choose one from your services on this page. Give them the choice to select a team member, or ask Bookings to automatically allocate team members.


Book appointments for customers

It can't be self-service every time. If you get a call from a customer asking for an appointment, you can book it for them and they'll get the invite.


Staff booking page

Does your customer have a preferred team member? Send them the staff booking page. Personalize emails by sending them from the team member's email address.


Language and time zone

Turn on automatic language and time zone detection and your customers will see the booking page in their language and time zone. Or, you can use your time zone and language by default.


Terms and conditions

Need to get a customer's consent before performing a service? Enable terms and conditions.


Service booking page

Want to ask the customer to book a specific meeting type or service with you? Send them the URL for exactly what they need. We generate separate booking pages for each service.


Customer self-service

Customers can book, cancel, and reschedule an appointment themselves directly from the booking confirmation page and emails. Time saved and emails reduced!


Customer portal

Give some VIP treatment to your regulars. They can log in, book a new appointment, or see their past and upcoming appointments with you.

Ready for your custom scheduling requirements



You can use custom functions to execute workflows, like sending a periodic email or calling a webhook. Extend the power of Zoho Bookings.



Use our APIs to build your own scheduling interface on top of Zoho Bookings or bring Zoho Bookings inside your app.

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