Create synchronized repositories with Zoho Sheet's Data Connection

You can now pull data into your Zoho Sheet spreadsheets from 15 other Zoho applications, just like you'd pull in data from other websites and feeds.

Different teams use different metrics to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. Marketing teams measure brand visibility, sales teams measure leads and conversions, operations teams measure inventory, and management measures costs and revenue. Accesses, security concerns, account limitations, and software learning curves can prevent teams from accessing data from verticals other than their own.


Why use Data Connection?

Data is most powerful when viewed holistically. Siloed data can stop your business from becoming completely data driven. Unifying various teams' data from different applications in a collaborative, organization-wide spreadsheet helps bridge informational gaps within a company. The new Data Connection tool makes this process seamless.


Automated sharing across apps

Pull in data from different applications

You can create multiple connections on the same spreadsheet. Pull together coherent data from different applications, like Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, Zoho Books, and Zoho Campaigns to create meaningful data repositories that you can share across departments.


Choose what to import

From each application, you can decide precisely which sections and fields of data to import. Choose to omit sensitive information, and pull in bottom line data fields. This way, you'll create a sheet with just the information you need from different applications.


Keep data up to date

With options to retrieve data from connected applications periodically, you can keep your spreadsheet in sync with the master data at all times. You can decide the intervals at which linked data is refreshed.

Having data on a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet means you can analyze it, visualize it, and share your findings with your teams, or the entire organization, securely. The data connections you create can be used in any of the Zoho Sheet spreadsheets you work on. So, with Data Connection, you can create a centralized data repository that makes your organization's data flow smoother, simpler, and more secure.

Do you have a bunch of data in different Zoho apps, and want to bring it all together? Try Data Connection to bring them in and break them down for further analysis on your spreadsheet.

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