A Better Way to Manage Temporary/Contract Employees’ data

More often, a HR professional meets a situation where he/she wants to manage a temporary/contract employee’s data in their HR system. But with most of the HR software pricing plans being based on number of employees, this becomes a delicate issue. Issue where the HR professional feels, “Why should I increase my cost by paying for a temporary employee? But it’s necessary to maintain their data too, what should I do?”. And they turn to a spreadsheet for help again. With Zoho People, you can overcome this problem using the “Dummy User” profile.

Employees who need not login to the system (Zoho People pricing is based on Employees who require login) can be added as dummy employees in Zoho People. Click on Organization -> Employee -> Add dummy employee or Settings -> Dummy employee -> Add dummy employee. These employees will not be considered for licensing fees and will be available for any business process like a normal employee inside the system and will appear in “Org chart”, “Employee List”, “Available as an interviewer”,”can be of any role” etc. But will not be able to login to the system and do not receive any mails from the system.

You can migrate Dummy Employees to Employees

Your temporary/contract employees can be migrated to regular employees, from Settings -> Dummy employee -> Migrate. Once migrated, they will receive invitation mails to join into the organization and they can login into the system.

Non-admin user can add Dummy Employees

Adding dummy employee is permission based and can be given to any role. To configure, Go to Settings -> Security -> Role of the person to whom you want to allow adding dummy employees -> Global permission -> Check Dummy Employee. Once configured, then the user can login and go to Self service -> All Forms -> Employee -> View (my/team/all) data -> Form Actions -> Add dummy user.

Hope you find this Zoho People feature useful. We will be happy to hear your comments.

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