8 A/B testing mistakes to stop in 2022

8 A/B testing mistakes to stop in 2022

8 A/B testing mistakes to stop in 2022As A/B testing becomes increasingly popular in recent times among businesses, they’re turning to SaaS products like Zoho PageSense, Optimzely and VWO which offer simple tools to run these tests. While many businesses set out to multiply their revenue and conversions through A/B testing, a lot of people are making the same mistakes and end up losing their time and money. Let’s look at eight of these so you can avoid them as you perform your own A/B testing.

1. You don’t “test it” using an A/B testing tool

Left or Right? Which UI looks good?” These posts do trend on social media, but in reality, they don’t work. Individual perspectives vs data-backed choices—you know which is more likely to derive results. Remember, facts and figures won’t differ from person to person.

2. You blindly use advice from “must-follow” blogs

101 A/B test trends you must follow” might sound interesting, simple, and easy, but always remember what worked for them might not work for you. Every business is different, so it’s better to create your own strategies. Learn what you can from it, but be sure you do the groundwork for your own website.

3. You don’t have a valid hypothesis 

You can’t make random changes to your website and wait for conversions to happen. Even if they do, you’ll be unsure what drove them. Analyze your website’s performance through conversion funnels before running an A/B test. Use customer insights from surveys through polls and pop-ups. Qualitative data and visual analytics will help you form a great solid hypothesis to start with!

4. You run too many tests and variations 

Both are an A/Bsolute no. Having too many variations or running too many tests will not only slow down your results but also reduce your sample size to avoid overlapping traffic. Although you can still use multivariate testing or split URL testing to avoid traffic overlapping, it’s always better to analyze your hypothesis and run educated tests for faster results.

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5. You give up on the very first trial 

The test results might not meet your expectations in the first trial, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up or run another experiment. Try to reiterate the test, rework the hypothesis, and run the experiment again. Also, don’t make changes in the middle of the experiment as it will impact your test results.

6. You copy-paste your results everywhere 

Just because the CTA “Get my free coupon” had higher conversions for your homepage, that doesn’t mean you use it across all your other web pages. Each test result is very specific to the experiment.

7. You ran your test too long 

Running the test for a long time can skew your results as visitors are more likely to delete their cookies thereby landing in another variation. You don’t have to wait for the 95% mark to end your test as that might take forever. Once you notice a statistical significance in your experiment, you’ve got what you need to go further.

8. You ran the right tests at the wrong time 

If your website has peak traffic during a particular month, avoid running experiments on those days. Observe what’s happening outside your business. Every single element matters. To simplify, avoid running A/B tests when…

  • You’re running Google ads
  • You have a lot of sudden media attention
  • You don’t have enough traffic/sales

These are the common mistakes people make while A/B testing their web pages. We hope you’ve learned something that will help you get better results and drive more conversions. Comment below if you have more to add to this list!

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