App Spotlight: QuickBooks Extension For Zoho CRM

The QuickBooks Extension for Zoho CRM ensures perpetual synchronization between your Zoho CRM and accounting software, enhancing workflow and data accuracy. It is essential for optimizing your business operations.

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Business Needs

Maintaining identical customer records across two platforms results in operational silos among teams, impacting potential sales growth and customer satisfaction. Moreover, manually entering financial information into both Zoho CRM and QuickBooks substantially increases the risk of human errors and data duplication. As a result, this situation undermines data integrity and poses difficulties in upholding precise records.


Integrating QuickBooks and Zoho CRM ensures a smooth connection between sales interactions and revenue tracking in your CRM. It also guarantees consistent alignment with your company's branding standards.This integration provides businesses with an heightened perspective on customer data, empowering them to make well-informed decisions and extract valuable insights regarding their business's operations. The QuickBooks Extension for Zoho CRM offers numerous functionalities, such as:

  • Immediate record synchronization whenever a customer's profile is generated within Zoho CRM

  • Facilitate bidirectional synchronization of customer and financial records within a defined time frame

  • Precise record maintenance and report generation based on these records

  • Minimize operational silos among teams by ensuring simultaneous record updates across all teams 

  • Automatic data synchronization which occurs every ten minutes for the designated modules, eliminating the risk of data loss 

  • Monitor record synchronization from the audit trail and promptly receive notifications in the event of a record failing to synchronize after three attempts 


  • Provide sales teams with access to data-driven insights, thereby enabling them to make well-informed decisions 

  • Obtain valuable customer records to enhance sales, marketing, and service strategies 

  • Assist in developing personalized customer experiences through a deeper comprehension of customer needs 

  • Enhanced inventory tracking, streamlined operations, and improved business efficiency 

Try QuickBooks Extension for Zoho CRM


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