Optimize your customer follow-up process with Document Merge in Zoho Forms

You are only as good as your last follow-up email.

Truth be told, you are only as good as the customer remembers you being. So how can you engage with them better and eventually turn them from an ordinary customer to a loyal customer?

Well, when it comes to sending out forms, we've made things a bit easier for you. With our new Document Merge feature, you can engage better with your form respondents through Zoho Forms; thereby, optimizing your customer follow-up process.

We've integrated with Zoho Docs and WebMerge to help you make the most of your form responses by sending personalized PDFs, images, and documents to your form respondents.

To show you how this works, let's take a Job Application form as an example. When this form is filled out by a candidate, you can follow it up by sending them a personalized interview letter. Here, you can list the details that matter to the candidate, such as the candidate name, the job title, the date and time of the interview, and the venue of the interview.

job application form

Job Application Form example

Merge process underway

Merge Process underway

Interview Request Letter

Interview Request Letter template

To implement the feature, follow this simple 4-step process:

#1: Create a form

Create the form you want to send to your customers or choose one from our existing form templates.

#2: Choose an integration and a response template type

Choose either Zoho Docs or WebMerge integration for the merging process. Now, select the type of response template you'd like to send. You can send documents of any kind, such as, PDF, Word Doc, or even .jpg, .png images etc.

#3: Map your form fields to the response template

Drag and drop fields from the Insert Field list to map them to your response template. The form responses for those fields will auto-populate the corresponding fields of the response document.

#4: Mail the response template

Send the personalized PDF, Word doc, or image to your form respondents. You can use an auto-responder to email every respondent or just a selected few.

Voila! You're merged! 

Personalized replies to form responses are a great way to nurture your leads. Now that you can send them effortlessly with Document Merge in Zoho Forms, you have every reason to start improving your customer follow-up process right away.

P.S. Have you found Document Merge in Zoho Forms to be useful elsewhere in your lead nurturing cycle? Let us know in the comments below.


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