Questions for Zoho Creator’s Lead Architect?

After wrapping up Suganya’s interview, Pete Thomas sent me an email saying that he wants to make this a series of interviews with some more guys at Zoho Creator. As we team had a good time pulling Suganya’s legs after reading her interview, we decided it’s Sriram’s turn now to face the music! Get ready, Sriram 😉

Sriram - Zoho Creator's Lead Arcitect

Jokes apart, Sriram is Zoho Creator’s Lead Architect. A very cool and composed guy, he handles Zoho Creator’s Infrastructure, Security, Caching Architecture, Performance and more. Pete has already posted some topics which Sriram will be answering.

So all you Zoho Creator users there, if you have any questions in these topics, please feel free to post your questions at Land of ZC and get to know from Sriram what it means to manage and maintain such a user-friendly beast.

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