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The new Bigin is packed with improvements in the form of improved usability, greater extensibility, and enhanced mobility. We made contemporary changes, collecting user feedback, and creating an even stronger Bigin, to bring you everything you asked for and more. Well-thought, carefully chosen upgrades that serve real purposes. No gimmicks.

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Next level user experience that works for you!

Bigin is a minimal CRM in a lot of ways. We do not stock Bigin with all the features we can think of. Rather, we only add features that actually work for you! None of the fancy stuff that would bloat the application. We found three key areas to work on to deliver a superb user experience. They are the streamlined pipeline view, the ability to customize modules, and enhancing the overall search experience in Bigin.

Enhanced pipeline view

Not to brag, but we definitely have the best pipeline arrangement compared to the competition and we squeezed even more out of it for this new refresh.

Here are some upgrades to the pipeline view:

Easily collapse stages in Bigin

Collapse or expand stages

You don't have to stare at stages you don't need. You can now collapse stages that aren't a priority and save that space for more important stages in your pipeline. Simply click on the bottom of any stage to collapse it into a bar with just its name and value.

Move stages from one place to another inside any pipeline in BiginMove stages from one place to another inside any pipeline in Bigin

Move stages along the pipeline

Don't bother meddling with settings to rearrange your stages in your pipeline. Easily drag-and-drop any stage to wherever you want it in your pipeline.

Resize stages to your preference in Bigin.

Resize stages

Want your stages bigger? Done. Want them smaller so you can have more stages in one window? Also done. Now you can resize all the stages in your pipelines the way you want!

Instantly add a new stage your pipeline in Bigin

Add a new stage instantly

Need a new stage in your pipeline? Easy.
Select New Stage at the top of any existing stage and, voila! A new stage pops up right after it.

Customize modules and rearrange fields

The new refresh now lets you customize your modules, including renaming them. For example, if you're used to calling them "Opportunities", not "Deals", simply rename the module! You can even edit the fields inside your modules!

Rename your modules to what you call them in Bigin.Rename your modules to what you call them in Bigin.

Find and do it all with the
all-new search.

We took the search bar that had a single function and gave it a whole new dimension. With the new search, you can do more than just find things in Bigin. The search bar auto suggests as you type, and you can send emails, add notes, and edit fields directly from the results. It even shows what you looked up recently!

Find all your records and make changes to them right from Search results in Bigin.

Record phone calls, transfer incoming calls, and more!

Record calls in Bigin, play them back whenever you want, and never miss any detail! You can also transfer incoming calls to your business to other users in your organization. Moreover, when you are on the phone and more calls pour in, Bigin can queue up your incoming calls, wait until your ongoing call ends, and connect the next caller to your line.

Record phone calls, transfer incoming calls, and more!

So extensible that it
works with you and all your apps!

It's been a while since we started adding integrations for Bigin. We began with the bare necessities and went on to build more useful integrations in 2020. This year, our goal is to make Bigin more extensible than ever with even more apps lined up for integration, including an option to integrate third-party applications using our brilliant developer APIs that make all your apps work together with you.

Here is how far you can stretch Bigin:

Connect to a world of apps with our APIs:

An instant hit with Bigin users who grabbed their early access, our developer APIs can cover less common integrations that most people have never heard of. Our APIs let you extend Bigin to meet your most specific needs by integrating with any third-party app of your choice from the world outside Zoho.

Zoho BooksMailchimpZoho FormsZoho CRMZoho Sites

Zoho Books


Zoho Forms

Zoho CRM

Zoho Sites

  • Zoho Books

  • Mailchimp

  • Zoho Forms

  • Zoho CRM

  • Zoho Sites

Bring your accounting to Bigin with Zoho Books and Invoice

Give your sales force a clear view of your accounting. Zoho Books for Bigin combines your finance and sales teams together so you can always refer to accounting data without having to switch between apps.

With easily available finance information, your sales teams can create estimates, sales orders, and invoices effortlessly directly from Bigin. You can even automate statements to be created based on the deal's stage in the pipeline by setting up simple workflows.

Bring sales and accounting together with Zoho Books and Bigin integration.Create invoices directly from your Bigin account.

Send mass emails with Mailchimp

Mailchimp is famous in the email marketing world and it can certainly help with your marketing.
Easily sync your Bigin contacts with audience lists in Mailchimp to send mass emails to your contacts directly from Bigin.

Sync contacts and send mass emails with Mailchimp for Bigin.Map your Bigin contacts with Mailchimp audience lists to send mass emails.

Collect and store form responses effortlessly with Zoho Forms

The Zoho Forms integration for Bigin lets you seamlessly transfer data from your forms to any module in your Bigin account. You can embed forms into your email or webpage, map fields between your forms and Bigin, and, when a customer fills in a form, all the information is instantly transferred to your Bigin account.

You can also set triggers and actions and automate workflows in your Bigin account based on how users respond to your forms. All this with absolutely no coding!

Collect responses to your forms and directly send them to your Bigin account.

Manage user access to records with Zoho CRM

Users in your organization that only perform basic CRM operations like adding new contacts, updating deal stages, making phone calls, may not require full access to Zoho CRM. Likewise, if you are an enterprise with a lot of CRM users, you may not want all of them to have access to all of your Zoho CRM data.

By integrating Bigin and Zoho CRM, you can pull your sporadic users out of Zoho CRM and add them to Bigin while keeping your Zoho CRM account exclusively for core users. This is less expensive and also keeps your data protected.

More leads with Zoho Sites

If you've created your website with Zoho Sites, you can now create web forms in your Bigin account and add them to your Zoho Sites in a single click without any coding. This lets you instantly capture information submitted by your visitors and automatically add them to your Bigin account as contacts. Any form you choose to add to your website will automatically adapt to your site's design and theme.

Embed webforms easily onto your Zoho Sites Website with this integration for Bigin.Embed webforms easily onto your Zoho Sites Website with this integration for Bigin.
Here's a list of all the apps Bigin integrates with!

Work from anywhere
with the Bigin app

By now, you probably are very familiar with the Bigin app for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Android devices.

4.6 out of 5
4.5 out of 5

The mighty Bigin app for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Android devices for the same CRM experience, anywhere. The biggest advantage of being a Bigin user is you can truly sell on the go. Unlike the competition, the Bigin app does not make any compromises when sharing features from its desktop counterpart. We pushed the app to its limits and added more than 25 global languages to help you take your work anywhere.

The same, unified pipeline view across all platforms!

Bigin's pipeline view is unrivaled for various reasons and is industry-first in creating a pipeline view that goes toe-to-toe with any desktop pipeline layout. Just like in the pipeline view on desktop, you can perform loads of actions while on the move.

Here are some of the most prominent upgrades with this release:

The Pipeline as seen on the Bigin app for Android.
Moving deals to another stage in the Bigin app for Android.

Keep your deals moving!

Now you can drag-and-drop multiple deals to other stages easily. Want something even simpler? Drag multiple deals to the stage overview, and drop them over the stage you want. Forget endlessly looking for that evading stage!

It's even more fun on the iPad!

Super long pipeline? Select a stage to view and cut the traffic with stage overview!
Want to do things faster? The Bigin app comes with an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts for your iPad. And if you're tired of typing, simply grab your Apple Pencil to check away done deals and cross items to delete them. You can even write and search on any text field on your iPad!

Feels like home on the Mac.

When your CRM also has a dedicated app for your Mac, the experience becomes even more natural. The Bigin app for macOS Big Sur comes with a familiar design to make you feel right at home. It adopts a ton of macOS features like Widgets, Multitasking, Keyboard shortcuts, and even seamlessly transcends into the Touch Bar!

We landed Bigin's widgets so perfectly and it, in turn, landed us on the App Store's list of apps with awesome widgets for the Mac.

See Bigin's upgrades for Apple's most recent OS versions.
Bigin Integration API

The #BiginnersClub is lving these new updates!

  • With Bigin, we are able to know exactly where we stand, which stage of business we are in, and whether we are able to qualify our customers' needs. The implementation so far has been flawless and I am able to get a better picture of my business with the CRM system. I would recommend Bigin strongly to my peers.

    Vikas Suri,Founder and CEO, Kitchenrama
  • Having chosen Bigin was one of our best decisions as the program is very well laid out with a very intuitive user interface so any crew starting with the program does not need much training to take calls and begin building the relationship with the client. The deal pipeline is very well-thought-out, easy and intuitive to use, and allows to maintain a sales system where any crew member can pick up and close regardless of who has made the first contact.

    Stephen Frankland,Owner/Operator, Island Sailing
  • Lennard Timm,Data Coach for Start-ups
  • New to Bigin but loving it already. Miles ahead of the competition and these new upgrades just put Bigin further ahead. Business is all about speed and ease and Bigin has cracked both in my opinion.

    Tom Holland,Inspire Modular homes limited
  • Customer from day one

    Zoho's commitment to delivering first-class solutions to their customers became evident to me when the Bigin team delivered (within months from first product release) the three key functionalities that had been most requested: Renaming of modules, Pipeline customization, and integration with Zoho Books. The new enhancements give Bigin users tremendous flexibility for configuring the CRM in the way it suits their business best.

    Luison Lassala,Managing Director, Bedrock Success
  • The Bigin team at Zoho has brilliantly solved the software adoption dilemma sales organizations face today. Now with the ability to customize the pipeline views, stages, module names, fields, the moment one of our salespeople picks up the app, it just works and they love to use it. It requires virtually zero training. In today's environment, simplicity, focus, and ease of use cannot be understated - and the team at Bigin just delivered a world-class tool.

    Seth Campbell,Chairman, Five Doors Inc.

There's more to Bigin than what meets the eye!

Here are some of our upcoming features in 2021

Bigin Templates

Gone are the days of struggling to adjust to a new CRM system. Do you run a real estate firm? We have a template for that. Or a software consulting firm? We have a template to cover you there, too.

Explore business templates even before you sign up for Bigin. Bigin comes with a ton of business templates to choose from even before you onboard your business. Pick a template that best suits your business and everything will be a breeze.

Color-Coded Tags

They say your brain remembers better with colors. Give all your tags a color and watch them pop on your deals in your timeline. For example, the tag "priority" could be red, so you can quickly find deals with a red tag your pipeline! It's simple and so effective.

Stage Transition Rules

Be extra sure you're pushing deals towards conversion with stage transition rules. Stage transition will help you set ground rules for when a deal can be moved to the next stage. Set up rules, questions, and conditions and only allow deals that satisfy all requirements to move on.

Multi-Currency Support

International business will soon be a piece of cake with multiple currency support in Bigin. You'll be able to change currency in any money-related field by simply clicking on the currency sign next to it.

Advanced Workflows

Things are about to get super convenient! With advanced workflows, you'll be able to set a time or date to trigger a workflow, besides the usual "trigger on record action". This lets you schedule both the date and time to execute a workflow and the action based on the condition.

Small businesses deserve a CRM that simply works. We built just that!

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