Sometimes Big Data comes in small packages.


Contextual functionality for active businesses

Tap into the power of unified systems. Send emails and schedule interviews from the same place you find candidates. Start up a remote support session from your help desk app. Scan a business card into your CRM and find out in real time if that person is in your system already.


All your data in one place

Enrich your workday by leveraging information collected by other teams. Zoho apps pull together data from across your company, to bring each team the most relevant and up-to-date context for what they're dealing with.


Uninterrupted workflows for increased efficiency

You can't afford to work on just one task at a time, so our apps support whole processes. Deep integrations and advanced customization allow users to handle whole workflows without switching tabs or stopping to search for information. After all, your apps should support the way you work, not slow you down.


Blended data for better insights

Zoho apps give users access to all their data and the analytics tools to understand it. Blend datasets to illuminate deep trends in productivity, sales, finance, and overall business health.


Custom processes empowered by shared data

Make your apps work like your business does, not the other way around. Create custom solutions that draw information from multiple sources to get power of enterprise-grade software and a wealth of data, with the convenience of a clean, simple interface.