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Guide Layout: Transfer Orders Multiwarehouse Operations

Managing multiple warehouses has never been so easier. Zoho Inventory has a sleek multi-warehouse system that allows you to track and manage your inventory, seamlessly across different locations.

The Warehouses module in Settings allows you to do the following tasks:

Enable multiple warehouses

Follow these steps to enable multi-warehouse management in Zoho Inventory.

Screen shot of the gear wheel and drop down

Enable multi-warehouse

Multiwarehouse page

Add a new warehouse

To add a new warehouse to your organization,

New warehouse 1

New warehouse 2

After setup

Mark a warehouse as primary

By default, the first warehouse which is available when you enable multiple warehousing feature will be set as the Primary Warehouse. To set another warehouse as the primary one,

Mark as primary

Mark a warehouse as Inactive

To mark a warehouse as Inactive,

Mark as inactive

Mark an inactive warehouse as Active

To mark an inactive warehouse as Active,

Mark as active

Edit a warehouse

To edit details of an existing warehouse,

Edit warehouse

Delete a warehouse

To delete a warehouse,

Delete warehouse

Note: You can’t delete a warehouse which has transactions associated with it. Instead, you can mark the warehouse as inactive.

Disable multiple warehouse management

To disable multi-warehouse management,

Disable warehouse

Other operations related to multi-warehouse management