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In this page, you’ll learn about some of the nifty hidden functions that you can perform from the contacts module.

Customize Product Rates for a Customer/Vendor

The price list feature allows you to apply customized product rates for each customer or vendor. Using price lists, you can create independent lists with customized item prices by either marking up or marking down the selling prices of selected items or your entire inventory. You can then associate a price list to a customer or a vendor so that every time you create a transaction for them, the customized items rates are applied.

Insight: Learn how to create price lists in Zoho Inventory.

To associate price list to a contact:

Contact payment details section

Automate Thank You Note on Payment

When you receive payment from your customer, you can automate a thank you note to indicate the payment receipt. This especially comes in handy when your customer pays you online.

You can automate thank you note to your customers in the following ways:

  1. Enable this option within the Invoice Preferences under Settings.

  2. Select the Send a ‘thank you’ note for this payment option while recording payment manually.

You can also customize your ‘thank you’ note content from the Email Templates module.

Create Transactions for Your Customers & Vendors

Be it a customer or a vendor, you can create sales or purchase transactions directly from their details page.

To create a transaction for a customer or a vendor:

Contacts - Create Transaction

Set Preferred Vendor to Reorder Items

While creating or editing an item, you can set a reorder point and tag a preferred vendor from whom you would like to re-purchase the item from. When the stock drops below the reorder point for an item, you will receive a notification.

Insight: Learn how you can enable reorder alerts when an item is low in stock.

You can then view the vendors who currently have at least one item associated with them that is in the low stock zone. To do so:

Filter Contacts - Vendor Reorder Preferred vendor
Fields Description
Name Name of the low stock item. Select the items that you want to reorder.
Reorder Level The reorder point that is set for the respective items.
Stock on Hand Total available stock for the item from all your warehouses.
Unreceived Stock Stock that you have ordered and are yet to receive from your vendor. Tip: Go to purchase orders and create Purchase Receives to increase the available stock for those items.
Order Quantity Enter the quantity to reorder for the respective items.

Pro Tip: The Calculate link under the Quantity to Order field will calculate the minimum stock required to bring the items out of the low stock zone automatically. If the calculated value is zero, it means that you have already purchased enough stock and are yet to receive them in Zoho Inventory. Go to purchase orders and create Purchase Receives to increase the available stock for those items.

Reorder PO

Send Email to Your Customers/Vendors

To send an email to a contact:

Email Contact Sending an email to a contact