Frequently Asked Questions on VAT

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How do I file my VAT returns?

Registered tax persons can file their VAT returns via the electronic system that has been adopted by the Authority.

Submitting a VAT return includes the following steps:

  1. All registered taxpayers must submit their tax returns to the NBR electronically using an online tool.
  2. The NBR provides the taxpayer with a tool containing personalized access data that allows the taxpayer to log in to an individual online account.
  3. The NBR will send an acknowledgement receipt by email when the taxpayer submits their returns online. This will be the official receipt showing that tax returns have been filed by the taxpayer. The submission date as stated on the receipt will be the official date of submission of the tax return.
  4. Submitting tax returns through the NBR’s official website will be considered to be a token of approval and acknowledgement by the taxable person concerning the validity of the data contained in the tax return.
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