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Two apps; one unforgettable event experience.

Evaluate learners using online test

For Event Organizers

Your event.
Your brand. Make it standout

Get a white-labeled mobile app with zero effort. Customize its look and feel to appear as your own. Push banners that reflect your brand's style because it's not just an event—it's also your brand's time to shine.

Event organizers
Easy-breezy check-in

Easy-breezy check-in 

Give attendees a hassle-free check-in experience that cuts down long lines. The absolute convenience of self check-in is a cherry on top. Take it even further by enabling check-in for exclusive zones/areas within the venue.

Instant updates anytime, anywhere
Complimentary lead capture app for exhibitors
Numbers at your fingertips
  • Instant updates anytime,

    Running a bit late on the schedule? Faced with a spur-of-the-moment change in session location? Don't worry—shoot out a quick announcement on the go to keep everyone in the loop.

  • Complimentary lead
    capture app for exhibitors

    Make your sales teams happy by qualifying leads as Hot, Warm, or Cold based on your interaction quality. Export leads to CRM and assign them to sales agents based on the lead qualifiers.

  • Numbers at your fingertips

    Track the total number of leads generated. Filter leads scanned by each member. Manage all your leads in one place instead of having them scattered across multiple booth staff.

For Attendees

AI-powered networking

Improve attendee connections with AI-powered matchmaking.
Your attendees can meet contacts recommended by Zia, our AI
engine, and schedule meetings or message each other directly
from the mobile app.

Event organizers

to spice up engagement  

Amp up the room's energy by gamifying engagements. No force fits—just action-based rewards that spark a sense of accomplishment because it's important to keep sight of the intangibles.

Easy-breezy check-in
An interactive experience with Questions, Polls, Feedback and more
Personalized agenda for your attendees
  • An interactive experience with
    Questions, Polls, Feedback and more

    Drive engagement during sessions by enabling your attendees to follow presentations and ask questions without interrupting the session. Answer polls, like slides, and give feedback—all from the mobile app.

  • Personalized agenda for
    your attendees

    Attendees can save their favorite sessions, which automatically sync with their calendars, allowing them to plan their event day better.

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