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Zoho Backstage is event management software that empowers event planners to run conferences, product launches, large meetings, and more with greater impact and efficiency. 

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Watch Product Preview
Watch Product Preview

Deliver an exceptional event experience

Introducing BadgeUp for Backstage

Your events deserve branded badges

Create custom event badges with QR codes for all your attendees. Trust the smart badge builder to unleash the designer in you and get your attendees to sport your badge at your next event. 


Create a strong digital presence

Make an impactful, multilingual website and a mobile app for your event with just a few clicks. Choose from pre-built themes and templates to go live in minutes, not days.

“Zoho Backstage can be best described as convenient, advanced, and smart. We saved a lot of time—and time is money. This investment is definitely worth it.” Quốc VinhQuốc Vinh, Group Chairman and CEO

Zylker Handcraft Expo is almost here! Buy your ticket today. you on Nov 27, 2019
Maximize your outreach
Zylker Handcraft Expo
Zylker Handcraft Expo brings together artists, Claymaker, Sculptor and other innovative skilled persons.

Maximize your outreach

Build awareness for your event by embedding your event page on other websites and blogs. Create banners for social media promotions without needing design expertise. 


Ensure seamless registration and ticketing

Successful events thrive on attendance. Make it easy for people to register, and then nurture them via emails to show up. Stay in control of your ticket sales and receive payments instantly. 

“In less than an hour and a half, Backstage helped me build a two-day event with all the bells and whistles. The ability to have multiple solutions in one place that save 5-6 hours of my time is just wonderful. I highly recommend Zoho Backstage.” Josh WagnerJosh Wagner, Director of Marketing


Track event metrics in one dashboard

Stay on top of registrations, ticket sales, attendee count, sessions, and more—all from a single screen.



Make your events interactive

What’s the coolest thing that AI has achieved so far?

Enagage your attendees

Get your attendees involved in sessions by answering polls, asking questions, and liking slides using their mobile app. Send alerts to notify them when necessary.

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Empower your speakers

Feature your speakers and enable them to introduce themselves, answer questions, and upload presentations on your event site. 

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Backstage on the go, for you and your attendees


For organizers

Reach and engage with your attendees from wherever you are with a dedicated app for event planners. Make announcements, check in attendees, and share pictures.


For attendees

Craft a memorable mobile experience for attendees with a custom-branded mobile app that empowers them to participate in discussions, personalize agendas, and receive announcements.

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