Your complete event management solution.

Multiple events on a single platform

Zoho Backstage helps you organize multiple events seamlessly with portals that work as a catalogue. You can easily classify events, divide the work, and manage the important details.


Create separate portals for each event and brand them your way.


Categorize multiple events into specific portals for better management. 


Add colleagues to your portal to reduce workload and save time.

Event Website

With our intuitive builder, you can design a website in a matter of minutes. Choose from an array of predesigned professional templates, and take advantage of features like custom layout, event galleries, hotels nearby, and directions to the venue to create an informative, engaging, and mobile-friendly event site.Learn more


Create a unique custom website for your events.


Localize your website content so that it resonates with your attendees.


Show integrated Google Maps with routes and nearby hotels to help your audience.

Ticketing and Registration

Set up and sell your event tickets seamlessly with Zoho Backstage. Keep track of your ticket sales and receive instant payout with zero commission. Want to offer promo-codes? We’ve made it easy!


Set-up ticket offerings and sell tickets from your event website.


Run promo codes to increase registrations.


Track ticket sales and attendee count at all times.

Multi-track Agenda

Create schedules, organize events into multiple tracks, and give attendees the power to personalize their agendas.


Create a dynamic schedule that's unique to your event.


Choose from a list of custom session types.


Set multiple tracks for each session.


Highlight specific guests and keynote speakers.

BadgeUp for Backstage

With BadgeUp for Backstage, designing badges for your events becomes quick and easy. Create your own badges in minutes with a smart badge builder. No designers required!

Choose your favourite layout or customize badge dimensions. Create a different badge for every ticket-type. Fancy a unique QR code on the badges? We got you covered.

Audience Engagement

Keep attendees in the loop before, during, and after the event. With built-in features like discussion boards, email campaigns, and announcements, the lines of communication will always be open.


Engage attendees during the session with virtual Q&A and slide "likes".


Create conversations using discussion boards.


Use announcements to alert attendees about details or last-minute changes.


Send targeted emails to people to generate interest.

Actionable Insights

Backstage provides real-time insights that help you organize and assess event performance. Get a clear overview of the event footfall, audience engagement, and ticket sales at a glance.


View detailed event analytics in real-time.


See detailed session metrics that gauge audience engagement.


Gather feedback about presentations and workshops.

Sponsor management

Invite offers for sponsorship directly from your website. Add, modify, and track all the requests from a centralized location.


Configure your own sponsorship categories.


Indicate the benefits that your potential sponsors get.


Accept or decline sponsorship proposals.

Empower Attendees

With Backstage's mobile app, attendees can engage with your event at every step of the way. They'll receive updates, be able to personalize agendas, participate in discussions, engage themselves in presentations and more.

Get the show on the road.

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