Assess to understand.

Gauge event performance.

Use Zoho ShowTime to get a bird's eye view of your event experience. After the curtain falls on your event, leverage the attendee summary, session analytics and speaker performance metrics to create value and improve event quality.

Assess to understand.

Deliver better sessions.

Interactive features and detailed post-session analytics help your speakers build and assess audience engagement.


Know what resonated and what fell flat with slide "likes".


Understand where attendees stand with poll responses.


Revise submitted questions and answers.


Read viewer comments and track the dialogue around your content.

Refine your agenda.

After your event, get a look at your sessions in numbers and improve your agenda accordingly.


Engagement analytics give you a detailed list of who attended and how many actively participated.


Slide likes tell you what slides and topics ignited conversations, so you can measure interest at every step.


Gather participant feedback and their ratings of a session.

Your event, your guestbook.

Discover more about your attendees. Segment those who registered, those who bought a ticket, and those who turned up. Archive the participants who matter; keep the conversation going post event, collect feedback, and call on them for your next occasion.

Your event your guestbook

Polish your event experience as you go.

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