Evaluate your event's performance

The data and analytics you need to grow your event and gauge its impact—all in one place.


Smarter event management begins with data-driven decisions


Get data that helps you sell more

Gain insight on your audiences’ buying psychology with in-depth reports on sales, revenue, ticket types, promo codes, and more. Use this data to iterate your event’s ticketing strategy, drive registrations, and maximize revenue.

Convert prospects into attendees

Find the people who almost became attendees—the ones who left the registration process midway or signed up but didn’t buy a ticket. Re-engage them, convert them, and grow your audience.

Convert prospects
Measure affiliate

Measure affiliate influence

Partnering with influencers to spread the word? Calculate their impact on your event’s reach and bottom line using unique website links for each person affiliated with your event.

Better understand your audience

Learn more about your target audience by studying how they interact with your event website. Analytics from the Zoho PageSense and Zoho SalesIQ integrations show you what’s working—and how to improve so no one wanders away from your website.

popular sessions

Identify your most popular sessions

Find out how your sessions were received by attendees—the speakers that left a lasting impression, the activities they enjoyed, and the topics they preferred. Use the best-liked sessions as a benchmark for future events.

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