PPAM, in collaboration with Captain Zack, host successful online veterinary summit with Zoho Backstage

The company

Pet Practitioners Association Mumbai (PPAM) is an organization that focuses on domestic animal welfare, helps veterinary practitioners professionally, and provides education for concerned parties. It is the only organization focused on pet medicine in India.

Captain Zack is pet care brand that designs quality products with the objective of providing pets comfort in their hygiene and grooming tools.

PPAM and Captain Zack collaborated to organize a webinar for veterinarians across the world to educate them and improve their clinical diagnosis and management of small animal diseases. Dr. Dennis Brooks, an award-winning, internationally renowned ophthalmologist spoke at the event.

The challenge

The organizing team had precise requirements, needing a comprehensive solution that could automatically send invites, remind registrants, and collect participant information.

The team was expecting over 1,000 registrations and wanted to ensure their software could handle that load. They also wanted to be able to livecast both the presenter and their presentations, and provide options for their audience to interact during sessions. Most importantly, they wanted to guarantee that everything ran seamlessly.

"We organized a webinar by the stalwart eye vet Dr. Dennis Brooks from the USA and received over 1,800 registrations from vets in over 60 countries. Zoho Backstage managed this process seamlessly." Dr. Jamshyd Cooper,
Veterinarian Captain Zack

The solution

PPAM and Captain Zack were hosting a large-scale webinar for the first time and didn't want to deal any glitches in the process. After looking into multiple solutions, they chose Zoho Backstage for its extensive event management and outreach capabilities. Backstage helped them quickly publish their event website, connect their social media accounts to promote their event, send attendee invites, and even schedule follow-ups, just as they needed. A day before the event, they found they needed a tool that could customize a participation certificate for each attendee and were able to solve that need as well, with the help of Zoho Catalyst, a serverless development platform for building applications.

The solution

The benefit

The timely execution of activities lead to a very successful webinar, with the team receiving 80% more registrations than they expected. They were captivated by Zoho Backstage's capabilities and extensive support provided before and during the event. With over 1,800 participants across 60 countries, PPAM and Captain Zack's event proved to be a huge success.

"The roaring success of the webinar lead to us organizing another mega one within a week, which we could only dare to do because of Zoho's fantastic tech toys. What's truly incredible about Zoho and their team members is their passion, sincerity, and honesty. Their dedication to ensure that the job gets done well and in time often gets them going the extra mile and stretching themselves beyond their own responsibility and delivering much, much, more than they promise."

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