Zoho Inventory


Item Groups & Items

  1. How to create item groups and items?
  2. Can I add more items to an Item Group?
Theories, Doubts & Cases
  1. What does opening stock mean for?
  2. Can I add the item name in different languages?
  3. Can I have item price in multiple currencies?
  4. How the stock on hand is being calculated?
  5. When does my stock in hand increase?
  6. When does my stock in hand decrease?
  7. What does Preferred Vendor mean for?
  8. How does the stock update occur in Shopify
  9. How to handle returned products and refunds in Zoho Inventory?
  10. What does the Physical Stock and Accounting Stock value in item details page indicate?
  11. Why do I see ‘Accounting Stock’ and ‘Physical Stock’ in place of ‘Available Stock’ while creating transactions?
  1. How to adjust stock for a particular inventory item?
  2. Is it possible to mark an item group as inactive?
  3. Can I set reorder levels for my items?
  4. Is it possible to add a product code for an item?
  5. How do I filter my Items?
  6. I need a price list where only particular item rates need to be changed and the rest remains unchanged. How do I go about it?
  7. Can I delete an item? It shows me an error message when I try
  8. An item from a Sales Channel has been mapped wrongly with another item in Zoho Inventory. What do I do now?
  9. How do I update the details of all my items at one go?
  10. How to import categories for the existing items in Zoho Inventory?
  11. How can I restrict other users of my organization from editing the item price in transactions?
  1. How to see the total inventory sold & purchased for an item?
  2. Which inventory valuation method is used by Zoho Inventory?
  3. How to see the history of transactions for a particular item?
  4. Where can I see the profit made by each Item?
  5. How do I get notified when the quantity of an item goes below its reorder point?
  6. How can I find my low stock items?