Inventory tracking software crafted for growing businesses.

Zoho Inventory powers inventory tracking for thousands of growing businesses across the globe. From stocking up your inventory to tracking your shipments, manage your entire inventory operation under a single roof.

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Inventory Tracking Software | Zoho Inventory

What makes Zoho Inventory the best inventory tracking system in the market?

Multiple tracking modes

Zoho Inventory offers two different types of stock tracking: physical stock and accounting stock. Physical stock tracking is based on received stock and shipments, and accounting stock tracking is based on bills and invoices.

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Inventory Tracking System | Zoho Inventory

Serial number tracking

From the moment you receive an item from your vendor or manufacture it yourself, you can track its progress using serial number tracking. Either enter the serial number manually in Zoho Inventory, or just scan the barcode with a barcode scanner. You can also handpick the items you want to sell from the lot.

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Serial Number Tracking | Inventory Tracker - Zoho Inventory

Batch tracking

In Zoho Inventory, you can add your items in batches and group similar items together. This is especially handy when you are handling perishable goods. Track expiration dates, weed out defective pieces, or find the batch a returned item belongs to.

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Batch Tracking | Inventory Tracker - Zoho Inventory

Shipment tracking

Once you've shipped your items, tracking them can be a tedious job. The greater the number of packages, the greater the difficulty. However, you can uncomplicate it with the Zoho Inventory - AfterShip integration. This automates the process of tracking your shipment's status and sends updates to you and your customer until the order reaches its destination.

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Shipment Tracking | Inventory Tracking System - Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory offers more to help you track inventory

Reorder Level | Inventory Tracker

Reorder level

Zoho Inventory tracks inventory levels and notifies you when an stock falls below your threshold or reorder limit.

Inter-warehouse Transfer | Inventory Tracker

Inter-warehouse transfer

You can create transfer orders to move items from one warehouse to another and Zoho Inventory will track them accordingly.

Shipping Carriers | Inventory Tracker

Shipping carriers

Zoho Inventory is integrated with multiple shipping carriers to help you ship products and track them effectively.

Track your inventory on the go

Zoho Inventory is available for mobile devices, so that you can track your stock levels on the go.

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Inventory Tracker App - Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory, the inventory tracking system you need

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