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Transaction Approval Process

After setting up transaction approval, the users in your organization can create and submit transactions for their supervisors to approve. Let’s see how transaction approval works for both sales and purchase transactions:

Approval Workflow in Sales Entities

Transaction approval for sales entities will be open for Invoices and Sales Orders. Only when a transaction is approved, a user will be able to do the following actions:

Sales Approval Flow

Approval Workflow in Purchase Entities

Once you enable transaction approval for purchase entities, it will be open for Purchase Orders and Bills. Only when a transaction is approved, the user will be able to do the following actions:

Purchase Approval Flow

Submit Transaction for Approval

The first step in transaction approval is to create and submit transactions for approval. To create and submit a new sales transaction:



You will receive an in-app notification if your transaction is approved. 

Approve Transactions

As soon as transactions are submitted, the respective approvers will be notified of it (as per the configured settings).

To approve the transactions, the approver/admin should:


Pro Tip: Learn how you can reject a transaction in case of errors.

Users who are approvers can approve their own transaction instantly by clicking the Save and Approve button from the dropup. 


If the transaction has been approved, the submitter will receive a notification and the users of the organization will be able to perform all actions associated with the entity.

approval notification

Note: Once you approve a transaction, you cannot undo this action. You can however mark the transaction as Void and later convert it to the Draft state.