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Reliable Receipt Tracking

Expenses From Anywhere

Whether you are at the office or on the road, Zoho Expense makes it easy to stay on top of your expenses. Record expenses as they happen, so that you don't have to carve out time from your already busy day.

Autoscan your receipts

Zoho Expense's advanced autoscan feature reads receipts in 10 languages including French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Chinese, and creates expenses automatically.

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Add expenses easily

Record expenses as they happen. Attach a receipt, enter the cost, and pin the expense to a report. You can sort expenses by category, write notes, and add additional entry fields.

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Create Per Diem rates

Create and allot per diem rates for all your employees and the countries to which they travel. Set unique food, cab and lodging allowances and ensure your employees don't spend beyond the allowed limit.

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Merge Expenses

Merge similar expenses to avoid duplicate entries.

Expense in any currency

Zoho Expense supports all major currencies. When you report your travel expenses, Zoho Expense automatically looks up the exchange rate and converts it for you.

Store receipts digitally

Receipts can fade and become illegible, but digital records never disappear. Zoho Expense handles receipt tracking safely on the cloud.

Bill your customers

Billing your customers for consultations and other expenses? Create an expense report and send it to your customers.

Forward receipts from your inbox

Forward the receipts in your inbox to Zoho Expense, and Email Receipts will scan them for easy expense reporting.

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Experience paperless receipt tracking.

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