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The customer

foodpanda is a mobile food delivery marketplace available in 13 countries. The service allows users to select from local restaurants and place orders via its mobile applications as well as its websites.

The challenge

The Finance department was spending a lot of their time processing and reconciling expenses on pieces of paper with stapled receipts, which had to be entered manually into the accounting system later.

The solution

With receipts handled in digital form with Zoho Expense, they avoided the error-prone administrative work of managing all the paperwork.

The benefits

The speed and efficiency was felt throughout the organization with Zoho Expense. For the employees, it provided a quick, simple way to update their out-of-office expenses.

How foodpanda saves three hours a day of effort with Zoho Expense

foodpanda is part of a global food delivery player headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and is operating in 24 countries, including India, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Singapore. The service allows users to order their favourite food cravings from local restaurants via the mobile application as well as the website.

Over the years, foodpanda has established themselves as Singapore’s leading food delivery service. They aim to continue to grow by offering customers the best food finds around the island.

Here is a conversation we had with Eva Versloot, Head of Finance, foodpanda Singapore:

foodpanda saved time using Zoho Expense

What is foodpanda's business workflow like?

For a new vendor that becomes available on foodpanda, all the necessary devices are installed in the restaurant's kitchen and their full menu is added in our front end. Once the restaurant goes live and receives orders, all payments are collected on a bi-monthly basis.

How do you process employee expenses?

When a staff member wants to claim an expense incurred by the company, they will have to complete the Staff Expense Claim form and each expense item must be supported with a receipt. Both the submitter and approver have to sign off on the claim form before submitting it to the Finance department. Then each claim form is checked manually to ensure each item has a supporting receipt with no duplicates. Next, the Finance department captures the expenses in our accounting system, and the staff member gets paid within three working days.

What were the challenges you had when it came to employee expense reimbursement?

Our Finance department was wasting too much time processing and reconciling expenses on pieces of paper with stapled receipts, which they had to then manually enter into the accounting system. As many of our staff travel for work, it took a lot of time for them to sort out receipts and prepare the claim forms. If an approver was on business travel, his team's expense report approval and the reimbursement would get delayed. Besides a more efficient and user-friendly way, we were also looking to move to a digital environment for the expense flow to reduce the impact on the environment.

How did you find Zoho?

We were looking around and comparing prices and features for an expense management system to replace the expense reimbursement system we were using. Zoho Expense came out as the one with the most interesting balance between price and required features.

How has Zoho Expense helped to improve foodpanda's productivity?

With receipts handled in digital form with Zoho Expense, it removes the slow, messy and error-prone administrative work of managing all the paperwork. The speed and efficiency is felt throughout the organization. For our employees, it provides a quick, simple way to update their out-of-office expenses. And, for our Finance team, it allows manual tasks to be replaced with fast and efficient automated process.

What features of Zoho Expense do you like the most?

The best thing that I like about Zoho Expense is how it allows everyone to convert a paper receipt into a digital format by snapping it with their mobile's camera. With fields being made compulsory when employees submit their expenses, the Finance team does not have to chase after the employees to get the necessary information/supporting receipts. Zoho Expense has made the whole process much faster, easier and less painful for everyone. The Finance team can now focus their time on more important work, all thanks to Zoho Expense.

What would life be without Zoho Expense?

Without Zoho Expense, we would probably be using another system with a less optimal balance between costs and features.

How do you like Zoho Expense Support?

One word: Amazing! The best thing about the support team is how fast they provide assistance to us. There are no issues that were not resolved on time. I would say they are professional, fast, and a nice team!

Would you recommend Zoho Expense to others?

Absolutely. There is no question about it!

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