What's New

Version 5.4, December 2018

Storage Add-on for Session Recordings

As your organization grows, you may find it difficult to fit all your important session recordings within the free storage limit. The storage add-on increases your storage, helping you to maintain a larger repository for internal audits and demonstrations. If you feel that your organization won't need extra storage, you can always choose to downgrade or cancel the add-on package.

Extending Support to Chrome OS Users

As web applications are gaining popularity, more and more users are switching to Chrome OS. These users encounter a range of issues that require experts for troubleshooting. With Zoho Assist, you can now extend support to your Chrome OS customers. You can view the remote Chromebook screen and guide your customers through the troubleshooting process.

Remotely Control a Sony Xperia device

We are adding Sony Xperia to the list of mobile devices that can be remotely controlled. You can now use Zoho Assist to access a Sony Xperia device running Android version 6.0 and above. While troubleshooting the device, you can transfer files, chat with your customer, invite technicians for help, and take advantage of Assist's full range of functionalities for effective troubleshooting.

Version 5.3, November 2018

Unattended Access for Linux

Zoho Assist unattended access is now available for all major variants of Linux. You can configure Linux computers for unattended access, group them, reboot, and access them remotely whenever you need. If you're someone who is already using unattended access for Windows and Mac computers, you shouldn't have any qualms about working with unattended Linux computers and back-end servers.

Removal of the Customer Application

You may have had customers express their security concerns due to the presence of the Zoho Assist application on their computer even after the session. Now as an Admin, you can choose to uninstall the Zoho Assist application from your customer's computer at the end of every session. By enabling this option, you save your customer the trouble of uninstalling of the application to clear the clutter on their computer.

Freshdesk Integration

Handling your Freshdesk support tickets is a lot easier now with integration of Zoho Assist with Freshdesk. With Zoho Assist integration, you can initiate instant remote support sessions and even schedule a session right from your Freshdesk tickets.

Version 5.0, September 2018

Session Recording

Improve organizational accountability with session recording—record and maintain video documentation of all sessions initiated within your organization. Recordings can serve you well during internal audits, session analysis, or demonstrations.


Structure your organization by compartmentalizing it into independent work divisions based on teams, geographic locations, or work groups. This feature ensures that each division has its own say when it comes to important decisions like email templates, technicians, and contacts.

Remote Printing

Printing data stored on remote computers used to require an actual transfer of files through FTP or email. Now, you can print files from a remote computer to a local printer, right from your technician console.


Certain operations on a remote computer might require your customer's participation. With annotation, you can guide your customer through different processes by marking-up on the remote screen using a drawing tool, rectangular drawing tool, text tool, eraser, and a clear-screen option.

Custom Domain Mapping

Rebrand and maintain your brand identity with custom domain mapping. Support remote customers and manage unattended computers from a domain of your choice by mapping it to Zoho Assist.

Version 4.7, March 2018

Action log viewer

Know what has been done in your organization and by whom using this new feature. The Action Log Viewer is a complete record of actions (add, update, delete, etc) performed by your technicians or admins throughout the day. And the best part is that you can export and save the logs for the purpose of auditing or administration.

Blank screen

Have you ever wished to disable the active screen at the remote end for some time, for example while entering credentials? If so, try using our Blank Screen feature. With this enabled, you can work privately on the remote computer, and not allow the customer or passersby to have a look at the active desktop.

Disable remote input

You can expedite your support of a remote computer by disabling the remote customer's mouse and keyboard input. By disabling remote input, you can offer support without any interference from the remote end.

Version 4.6, Feb 2018

Linux support

We now support Linux, along with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, all with the same ease and performance! You can now remotely install software and tweak settings for your Linux customers, all from the comfort of your desk. You can even take control of a Linux PC from your mobile device.

Integration with ServiceNow

You can now reduce your time and effort by managing your ServiceNow IT operations without having to switch between tools. Take control of remote computers, with options to troubleshoot them with multi-monitor support, transfer files between them, and chat with your customers from within ServiceNow incidents.

Password protection for Screen Sharing

We've just taken a big step in strengthening security by creating a non-trivial password for every Screen Sharing session, along with the Session ID. Passwords protect against unauthorized attendance, as only users with access to the password will be able to join.

Version 4.5, Jan 2018

Live session status

Live session status allows you to monitor all active sessions hosted by your organization's technicians. You can use the Sessions pane to find when the session started, the customer's name, and technician who has initiated the session. As well, you can view whether a customer has joined a particular session.

Chat Transcript

Now you can review everything that happened during a particular session by downloading a chat transcript. With all your customer insights collected together, you'll be able to extend your customer service capabilities and manage customer requests better. You can download and mail them to your co-technicians for reference.

Desktop Notification

Receive notifications on your browser whenever a customer or co-technician joins a session. A pop-up notification will appear in your browser, along with the customer's email address, so you can easily identify the right session. Just click on the pop-up to toggle to that particular session's tab.

Version 4.30, Dec 2017

Screen Capture through Native (Windows) Application

Taking a snapshot of a live screen has been made easier than it used to be. A simple click from the Technician Console does the job. If you'd like to take screens of what transpires on your remote device, try out the Screenshot feature solely built for our Native Application now. Save and send the screenshots later to your peers or customers through email or chat to explain a scenario when it comes to troubleshooting.

Chat in your own language

Always found it easy to communicate in your own language? We heard you and that's why we have modified our chat console to support any language typed into it. Also, chat with your customers in their native language and come to solutions much faster when there are regional differences or technical requirements based on a target locale.

Version 4.25, Nov 2017

Share Deployment Link

Sharing the unattended installer link through email or copying the link to share it with your remote customers is possible now with Zoho Assist. You can also customize the email content while sending the link to anyone.

New HTML 5 Technician Console

The browser-based Technician Console (HTML 5) has undergone a complete revamp. You can take screenshots of a remote session in a jiffy, manage remote computer's power options (E.g., Lock Screen, Reboot), launch Windows applications directly (E.g., Network Connections, Registry), and perform Administrator tasks (E.g., Task Scheduler, Clean Up Disk). All it requires is a just single click on Tools menu, and your troubleshooting becomes a cake walk.

Email Configuration and Templates

Setting up email configuration is pretty simple, and you can change not only sender's email address but also reply-to and cc as well with this release. Also, you can customize all email templates (both for remote support and unattended access) used in Zoho Assist.

With the latest update, Run As Service gets enabled by default once you start accessing the remote computer both for remote support and unattended sessions. It would save your time as you can begin managing the remote computer with Administrator privileges right from the start of the session itself.

Version 4.087, Oct 2017

Remote Power Options

Start shutting down or restarting unattended computers without starting a remote session. Save your time as you get to manage the power options of remote computers with a single click. All that's required is the unattended computer to be online.

The latest update also includes few minor enhancements and a couple of crucial bug fixes such as Run As Service support for all locale settings and keyboard issues in iOS apps.

Version 4.05, Sep 2017

iOS Screen Sharing - Zoho Assist Customer App for iOS

Here comes the customer app for iOS that can make your iOS mobile device support experience a breeze. Your customers should upgrade to iOS 11 to use the app. It comes with the existing professional plan at no extra cost.

Bulk Deployment Manager

Download the brand new deployment tool to install unattended agent easily on computers in your windows network. It works with both Domains and Workgroups.

Reimagined Reports

We've completely reimagined the reports section that comes with default views to get a quick idea of sessions conducted and how your technicians support your customers. You can also check the custom report, filter out the necessary data and export it for assessment.

Version 3.95, Aug 2017

Screen Sharing

With the latest update, you can choose to start a screen sharing session, be it instant or scheduled, right from the home page. This can help you share your screen with remote customers for demo or training related purposes and you don't need to start a remote support session to achieve the same.

Wake on LAN

Managing unattended computers require a lot of capabilities and waking up remote unattended computers is one of them. We know you asked for it and here it is. Simply enable Wake on LAN in your account following the necessary steps listed and start waking the computers anytime.

Zendesk Integration

Zoho Assist is seamlessly integrated with Zendesk now. You can start a remote support session from your Zendesk ticket, troubleshoot, and mark the ticket closed right from Zoho Assist Technician Console itself. This would improve your resolution time and help achieve customer satisfaction quickly.

New Roles in User Management

We've added new roles namely Super Admin and Admin in user management. This should help Super admin (Who purchased the product) to designate Admins to run the account and manage technicians easily. At the same time, only Super Admin will have access to the billing.

Version 3.7, Jul 2017

Schedule Sessions

Schedule a remote support session at a convenient time of your customer and resolve issues easily. The email notifications for the scheduled session and reminder can help you as well as your customer at the right moment. You can even re-schedule or cancel the session, if needed.

Group Permissions

Start defining the unattended computer groups that each technician of your organization is permitted to access. This would help preventing unauthorized access and maintain a custom access policy.

File Transfer added to HTML5 Technician Console

File Transfer was available only in ActiveX based Technician Console (works only on Windows) till date. With this update, it's added to HTML 5 based Technician Console to make transferring files from your Mac and Linux easy. You can also use it from Windows by choosing it in Settings.

We've also added redirection to Zoho Assist Customer app if your customer joins a session from the mobile browser, few minor enhancements and fixed a couple of crucial bugs.

Version 3.5, Jun 2017

Session Notes

Start capturing the key information of every remote support or unattended session that can be referenced later. Simply note down whatever you want once the session is over, save them and edit them anytime. You can also download the saved notes along with the session details whenever required.

Support from iPhone

Grab our iOS app today and start supporting your customers or manage unattended computers as if you are sitting in front of your computer. Our app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

Version 3.3, May 2017

Zoho Assist - Customer (Android App)

Zoho Assist – Customer, a dedicated app helps you provide quality remote support straight to your customer’s Android devices. Through this app, your customers can share their screens in realtime while live chatting with them during the support session. If your customer is using a Samsung device, you can even access their device remotely with their consent.

Session Confirmation

Here comes the session confirmation that enables a prompt at your remote customer end (even in an unattended session) when you try accessing their computers. It would be of great help if the remote environment complies to standards such as HIPAA.

Custom Email Templates

Start customizing the remote support invitations to your customers. You can change the email subject, message content, use custom fields, format as you wish and maintain your brand language everywhere.

Version 3.1, February 2017

Mac Unattended Access

With the growing adoption of Macs in workplaces, it has become essential for IT support to gain unattended remote access to manage them. Zoho Assist helps you manage unattended Mac computers from anywhere.

Mass Deployment

We’ve come up with two methods of Mass deployment. You can install the unattended agent via Command Prompt or via Startup Script.

Reimagined UI

The user interface has gone through a complete makeover. We’ve added or repositioned visual elements that would improve the overall experience like Favorites, separation of Remote Support and Unattended Access to two tabs, advanced reports and more.

Version 2.14, June 2016

Grouping Unattended Computers

Grouping feature is available for unattended computers. You can organize your remote unattended computers based on your preference in to several groups for effective management.

MSI Deployment

Zoho Assist Unattended MSI that can be deployed through Windows Group Policy is available here. Detailed instructions of deployment are available on the same page.

Android app

Increase your mobility and remote support capabilities with the free Zoho Assist Android app and support your customers wherever you are.

Version 1.94, October 2015

Get Support plugin

This update includes a desktop plugin named "Get Support". It gets installed on your customer's desktop with the first remote support session. Your customer can join future sessions from the desktop plugin itself. If you are a paid user, your organization name will be added to plugin title. You can also get the installer here (sign-in required) if you would like to install it manually on your customer's computer. This desktop plugin gets installed in Windows OS only.

Unattended access from iPad app

We are continuously enhancing our iPad app. The latest update includes Unattended access from the app. This feature will enable you to access all your Unattended computers from wherever you are. You might be aware that our iPad app is completely free and it can be used for both business and personal use. Users can run a remote support session even without signing in.

Version 1.93, September 2015

Windows 10 Ready

Zoho Assist is ready for Windows 10. Your remote support experience will be as smooth and quick as it was with the earlier versions of Windows.

IE Plugin & Launch Application in Chrome

We have deployed an IE plugin with the update. Henceforth, be it starting a session or joining a session through the web, you need not download the application every time. In case of Google Chrome, though you don't get the 'Launch Application' for the first time installation, it prompts it the next time. Check ' Remember my choice for all links of this type' for the browser to invoke the application by itself in future.

High DPI Compatibility

Issues faced on remote support sessions if high DPI scaling is set on remote computers are fixed with the update.

Version 1.929, August 2015

Search and Sort options in Unattended Access

Search and sort options are available in Unattended Computers list with the latest update. This would be helpful to you in quickly finding a Computer for remote access. These options are available in our Chrome app, Chrome extension and Firefox extension too. Hope you are aware that you can access your Unattended Computers from any of the browser extensions mentioned above other than quickly starting a remote support session.

Access Unattended Computers from Desktop Plugin

You would have been accessing your Unattended Computers only from the Zoho Assist website only. Now, considering the significant usage of Desktop Plugin, we have added the same in the plugin too. Hence, you can start both On-Demand and Unattended Remote Support Sessions from the Desktop plugin for Technicians.

Version 1.92, May 2015

Firefox Extension: Instant Remote Support even without Signing-In!

Recently we released our Chrome Extension and app. A lot of users love it. Now our Firefox Extension is available for Mozilla fans. You can run instant remote support sessions using the extension, even without signing-in. You can also manage your Unattended Computers configured in your account. We have also added Unattended Computers section in our Chrome Extension.

Uninstall Zoho Assist from your Customer's Computer!

Zoho Assist can be un-installed from Control Panel itself, with this update. It will remove the downloaded .exe file, relevant folders and the back-end service, in case the session involved 'Run As Service'. If you(Technician) un-install Zoho Assist while the session is running, the remote support session will get terminated immediately, which is not advisable. Hence guide your customer to remove Zoho Assist, once you end the session.

Currently, uninstalling Zoho Assist is available for Windows OS only. This version also includes minor bug fixes.

Version 1.91, February 2015

Unattended Access (Beta) is live!

Unattended Access, a feature requested by a lot of our customers is live now. Currently, it's in beta. They can also be accessed by your organization members. My Computers list in Zoho Assist home page will always display the online status of your unattended computers. You can rename the computers whenever you wish. Currently, Unattended Access can be configured only for Windows computers. Nevertheless, you can access those computers from both Windows and Mac.

Sharing your screen comes to Mac!

Two-way screen sharing comes to Mac OS with this version. This feature will help you train your customers on any installation or troubleshooting process by sharing your screen with them. It works with all OS combinations between Technician and Customer - Mac to Mac or Mac to Windows. This feature supports all Mac OS versions.

Version 1.82, February 2015

New Chrome Extension: Start a Session quickly!

Recently, we have released a Chrome Extension, which enables you to start a session instantly. You can simply enter your customer email address and start a session right from your browser extension. Make sure you are always logged-in to your Zoho account in your chrome browser so that you can avail the professional edition features if you are a paid customer.

Supporting your Mac customers is much easier now!

We have deployed a new Customer Console for Mac OS X 10.5 and above. This Console is based on Objective-C so that to ensure your customers join the session smoothly. If your customers use computers that run versions of Mac lower than specified above, they need Java plugin to join the remote support session.

User Interface gets a face lift

Zoho Assist homepage has undergone a complete makeover. New design is minimalist with the primary objective of providing a clean and focused interface.

Windows DPI Scaling compatible

Getting a big black patch along with your customer screen has been the case all these days, if your customer has made a DPI scaling in Windows OS. We have fixed this issue with this version. From now on you can see the actual screen of your customer even if he/she has set DPI scaling.

We have made significant usability enhancements and bug fixes in UAC window detection and Remote Reboot and Reconnect functionality. Zoho Assist is compatible with popular anti-virus softwares, namely Web Root and Norton, now. You don't need to worry anymore on whether these softwares will block screen sharing or Customer Console.

This version includes some minor bug fixes too.

Version 1.6, October 2014

Two-way screen sharing made easier

'Share My Screen' functionality in HTML5 web-based Technician Console required downloading and installing an executable file every time, for all these days. Now it has been made easier. You just need to download and install an executable file only for the first time. It prompts for 'Launch Application' henceforth and once you click on it, screens of Technician and Customer get swapped automatically, without any installation.

No more Java plugin

Your customers don't need a Java plugin anymore on Windows OS (all versions) and Mac OS X, to join a session. Getting out of Java dependency makes the joining process much more easier.

Resume Session is not available anymore in Desktop Plugin

'Resume Session' option which was available in Desktop Plugin has been removed owing to improved security considerations.

Customer Console supports more languages

Customer Console supports more languages now, based on the language setting in customer's computer. Supported languages include English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish

iPad app is iOS 8 compatible now

iPad app version 1.2 got released in iTunes on Oct 15,2014. This version has made the app iOS 8 compatible.

Version 1.5, May 2014

Free iPad App

Free iPad app, version 1.1.4, released in itunes. It supports remote control, taking screenshot of remote screen, multiple monitors and inviting more than one participant.

High Session Speed

The session speed or screen refresh rate of remote screen has been significantly increased. The entire software was rewritten completely to achieve this enhancement.

HTML 5 based Techncian Console

The Technician Console for Mac/Linux is based on HTML5 now. It involves zero installation and runs entirely on browser.

Revamped File Transfer

File Transfer has been totally revamped with drag-and-drop ability. One can send and receive files at the same time and watch the progress of file transfer.

Help Me!

Technicians can reach out support team with 'Help Me!', which is a live chat window, even during the session.

Version 1.1205, May 2012

Enhanced Mac OS support

We have increased the quality with enhanced graphics and connection speed of the Technicianviewer for Mac OS. This will help to provide a better screen sharing experience matching the high resolution.

Smoother keyboard synchronization

Typing and working with remote keyboard is a breeze now, with the refinements made in keyboard synchronization. This will achieve smooth and consistent remote support experience, just like working in your own computer.

Easy switch between monitors

Does your customer has multiple monitors and you want to assist them remotely? If yes, switching between monitors is much faster with Zoho Assist now (Windows OS only).

Quick access with Reduced Color Quality

Even if your customers are in slow network connection, you can still connect with them easily by reducing the Color Quality from your toolbar and get quick access to their Desktop.

Version 1.1109, Sep 2011

Zoho Assist has been added to Chrome Web Store. Users can install the app from the store and conduct remote support session from their Chrome OS. It syncs smoothly with the cloud based chromebook.

'Automatic Installation' of the client side application has been enabled with this version. The option to disable automatic installation is also provided with the 'settings'.

The Technician viewer (Windows only) has got a new user interface with improved usability.