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Zoho Assist Remote Support Software could be just what you're looking for.

Close-down tickets faster by accessing your customers' device right from where you are through a remote support session.


Voice calls and knowledge bases aren't always enough.

Responding to tickets through primitive support techniques like chat or voice call, or referring customers to standard knowledge bases won't always solve the issue. Remote support software like Zoho Assist surely comes in handy during such cases.


If helpdesks can run on phones, so can Zoho Assist

Spiceworks allows helpdesk technicians to work from their mobile devices, so they need a remote support software that works from their phone, too. Zoho Assist runs on a browser, making it the obvious choice for helpdesk technicians working from their mobile devices.


Support sessions right from your helpdesk console

Shuttling between your helpdesk and a remote support software to start a remote support session is time-consuming. Zoho allows you initiate remote support sessions right from your Spiceworks tickets with just a single click.


Securing your information is our priority.

With security compliances like HIPAA, GDPR, and protocols like two-factor authentication, action log viewer, and data transfer through 256-bit AES encryption, Zoho Assist ticks most boxes when it comes to security.

Solving the purpose and going beyond

On-demand remote support

Resolve technical issues by connecting to a remote computer in no time. You can even hold a remote support session on the go. Assist's quick installation and customer invites make it easy.

Unattended Remote Access

Set up unattended remote access for individual or large groups of computers anywhere in the world. Access them whenever you need, and manage them in groups. Use power options to shut them down, restart them, or lock them, without starting a new session.

Screen Sharing

Organize live demonstrations and training sessions over the Internet. During the live session you can reverse the shared screen, transfer files, capture screens, and much more, to make your experience as easy as possible.

Here are few functionalities of Zoho Assist that enhance your troubleshooting experience:


File Transfer

Send or receive files during a remote support session without any intermediate storage devices. File transfer is completely secure with 256-bit AES en.cryption.


Instant Chat

Use our built-in chat window to communicate with a remote customer throughout the remote support session.


Multi-monitor support

Work on all active monitors connected to the remote computer during a remote support session.


Session Recording

Helpdesk technicians can record all their remote support sessions and use them for internal audits and training sessions.



Awaken unattended computers in shutdown or sleep mode. Once you switch them on, you can access and support them from where ever you are.



Departments allow you to create internal divisions within your Zoho Assist account and manage each of them separately.


Concurrent sessions

Zoho Assist boosts customer interaction by allowing technicians to work on concurrent sessions.



Zoho Assist offers you rebranding options so you can use your company's name, logo, favicon, and a customized portal URL.


Reboot and Reconnect

You can reboot the remote computer and reconnect to the same session without losing control.