Session Callbacks

These are the various callbacks you will receive during the session.

For disconnection during a session

//Parameter state: SocketDisconnectStatus is an enum which returns reason for the disconnection.
func didSession(disconnected state:SocketDisconnectStatus)


When connection is established.

func didSessionConnected()

For change in image quality.

//Parameter quality: image quality
 func didChangeImage(quality:ScreenQuality)

Whenever the person on the other side joins the session.

// - id: Connected viewer id
// - viewer: Connected viewer name:
// - type: Viewer device type
 func joinedSession(viewer id:String, name viewer:String, viewer type:String)

Whenever the person at the remote end leaves the session

// - Parameter id: viewer id
 func leftSession(viewer id:String)

When the connection with the remote person is lost.

// - Parameter id: viewer id
 func connectionLost(viewer id:String)

If a chat message is received by the technician.

// - Parameters:
// - chat: Chat message
// - viewerid: Viewer ID
 func didReceived(chat:String, from viewerid:String)

If a swap screen request is initiated by the person at the remote end.

// - Parameter status: Respond from gateway with Status
 func switchRoll(status:SwitchRollStatus)

To list the available features during a session.

// - Parameter features: Features that are allowed for the session
 func onFeaturesReceived(_ features:NSArray)