Basic Online Training Plan

Basic Online Training Plan

The Basic Online Training Plan is ideal for users who are new to Zoho Assist or remote support in general. This comprehensive learning experience serves as your introduction to remote support, unattended remote support, and the Admin console—the trifecta of tools that form the foundation of Zoho Assist's. The training is broken into two days of two-hour sessions, equipping you with essential skills to navigate the remote support landscape confidently.

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Advanced Online Training Plan

Advanced Online Training Plan

The Advanced Online Training Plan spans three immersive days, with two-hour sessions each day. It is designed for users who have experience with Zoho Assist and want to explore more advanced features. This plan covers the basics, as well as customization and deployment. The plan also includes a dedicated point of contact to help you with implementation.

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On-Site Training Plan

On-Site Training Plan

The On-Site Training Plan is the ultimate option for organizations seeking personalized and immersive training experiences. Our expert trainers will visit your location to provide hands-on training tailored to your specific business needs for two full days. This plan is suitable for teams and businesses looking to maximize their remote support efficiency and effectiveness.

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Awards and reviews

  • Zoho Assist
    ★★★★★4.6/ 5
  • Zoho Assist
    ★★★★★9.0 / 10
  • Zoho Assist
    ★★★★★4.6 / 5

“Easy connection, not require admin privileges in the users’ PC, and works behind firewalls."

Zoho Assist Javier Molina, iSy Ek SAS

Course Agenda for Zoho Assist


  • Welcome to Zoho Assist
  • Benefits of a remote support software
  • Understanding the Tool’s Architecture

Inviting Technician

  • Inviting Technicians to Join the Platform
  • Collaborative Tools for Technicians

Remote Support Sessions

  • Viewer console
  • Customer console
  • Scheduled session
  • Screen sharing session

Mobile apps and plugins

  • Technician mobile app
  • Customer mobile app
  • Desktop plugin
  • Get support plugin


  • What’s new?
  • Best practices for administrators
  • What’s next?
  • Frequently asked questions

System Requirements

  • Hardware and Software Prerequisites
  • Network Requirements

Organization Setup

  • Installation/ deployment
  • Ensuring Secure Communication
  • Discovering and Adding Domains and Computers
  • Manage technicians
  • Session recording
  • Audit logs
  • Analytics
  • Import, add, and manage contacts
  • Configuring departments

Configuring unattended access

  • Installation methods
  • Bulk deployment
  • Accessing and working on an unattended computer
  • Diagnostic tools (remote, command, prompt, users, groups)
  • Power options (wake on LAN, shutdown, reboot)


  • Ticketing and Workflow Integration

Firewall Configuration

  • Configuring Firewall Settings on Client Computers
  • Enabling Automatic Configuration
  • Verifying Agent Installation Status

Customization and rebranding

  • Customize email templates
  • Customer plugin and desktop app
  • Embedding customer widget
  • Personalize email templates

Unattended Access Settings

  • Computer grouping
  • Group permission
  • Analytics
  • Session confirmation and security setup

Audit and Backup

  • Monitoring and Auditing Remote Control Operations
  • Configuring Custom Groups and Settings
  • Data Backup Scheduling

Who Should Attend

If you are an IT Manager, System Administrator, or an Operator who has implemented Zoho Assist within your network infrastructure, this training is tailored to equip you with the skills and knowledge to harness the full spectrum of remote support and access capabilities offered by Zoho Assist.

Course Objectives for Zoho Assist Training

Zoho Assist training is designed to empower your IT staff with the knowledge and skills needed to utilize the features of Zoho Assist effectively. By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Conduct Efficient Remote Support

Gain proficiency in delivering remote support to users and troubleshoot issues effectively.

Efficiently Transfer Files

Master the art of file transfer, allowing for quick and secure exchange of data during support sessions.

Provide User-Friendly Support

Navigate the user-friendly interface of Zoho Assist, reducing the learning curve for both technicians and customers.

Enhance Efficiency with Asset Management

Learn to manage assets effectively, from software inventory to hardware details.

Implement Power Management

Define and apply power schemes, schedule system shutdowns, and adopt environmentally friendly practices.

Enable Secure and Seamless Screen Sharing

Utilize screen sharing features to collaborate with users, ensuring a smooth support experience.

Ensure Robust Security

Implement security measures like 2-factor authentication and encryption to safeguard remote sessions and data.

Scale Support Operations

Adapt Zoho Assist to suit the needs of your growing organization, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Implement Remote Control Operations

Conduct remote control operations for improved technical support.

Configure Windows Desktop and Applications

Gain expertise in configuring Windows desktop settings and applications for optimized performance.

Manage Unattended Support

Learn to access and manage remote computers even when users are not present, enhancing productivity.

Optimize Multi-Platform Support

Extend support capabilities to various operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Maximize System Tools

Efficiently use system tools, such as scheduling tasks, remote control features, and system manager functionalities.

Secure and Monitor USB Device Usage

Control and monitor USB device usage to ensure network security.